Monday, November 28, 2011

"Spirit" Of Giving

Today I spent the day with my two dear friends Amanda and Khris, sewing and grabbing those precious hours. Next week Khris and her family move back to Queensland, where they came from 4 years ago.

I have had the honour of knowing this wonderful family for 2 years now. This is where I go on a Sunday and we all sew up a storm.

What I wasn't expecting and overwhelmed to receive, was this beautiful quilt that I helped Khris make earlier this year.

Fabric used was "Spirit" by Moda and I just loved working with this fabric range.

Label and yes that is how my eyes read the label this morning. All blurry and trying not to cry as that would have had us both bawling.

I have been so blessed with Khris's "Spirit" and outlook on life. Khris taught me how to make a quilt when we as a group, worked on the quilts for the floods up in Queensland earlier this year.

Khris is a person I look up to, with this zest for life and her "spirit" in giving to others with her heart. I am so proud to call her my friend and I shall be counting down the days from when you leave and to when you come back in April of next year.

We have one more Sunday as a group in Khris's house this coming Sunday. I am wondering how I will cope with not having my Sunday sewing time. No interruptions and with us feeding each other with inspiration . I know that our little group will continue in friendship and sewing together as often as we can. Maybe we could do a link up with Khris one

Better go and wash my eyes out as I can feel something in them and its making my eyes water.

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Khris said...

OMG now I have tears....not good Lucky, not good....I am going be be trying very had to get through this week without crying but I don't know how I will manage it...I am a terrible sook at the best of times.
Love ya buddy!!! Khris

Diana said...

oh now you have me crying Lucky, what a beautiful quilt, love it and yep Khris is one special friend...wiping tears away so I can type....I am so grateful to have her in my life, enjoy your quilt.

Karen Mallory said...

Beautiful Quilt!! We are all lucky Khris found all you wonderful friends. She was in such trepidation when she moved there to SA and you all made her feel welcome and gave her friendship!!hugs Karen

suzie said...

That is lovely Leanne. You will always be wrapped in friendship.

Karen's Korner said...

What a lovely gift - something to treasure forever. True friends never leave each others side no matter what the distance.

Margarita said...

How lovely Leanne, no wonder you were weepy.