Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dear Jane Begins

I'm all set to make my first block in my Dear Jane quilt.

I'm feeling excited and at the same time a little over whelmed. Its a big step taking on a quilt of this size. Having already made 14 blocks and not being happy with the colour and quality of the fabrics.

Feeling much more pumped with the idea of using a good quality fabric and in the colours/range I simply adore. Nothing like a few years of sewing and quilting under one's belt to help along the way.

I have no idea how long it will take me as I do have other projects on my coat hangers.

So why am I sitting here explaining this to you?? I have no idea. I think I need a gentle shove off the end of the cliff to get me

With a bit of a fan fare.........I begin my journey.

Wonder where I put the cattle prod????

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angela said...

Once you make that first cut, it will just flow.
have fun!

Susan said...

I'm sitting here saying, "better her than me!" It sure looks like a lot of work, but like you said, you have plenty of experience and I am sure you will do fine. What's that saying about everything begins with just one step? Well, good luck on that first step! Now I have to go motivate myself to make my weekly hexie!

Maria said...

You sound like I feel. Can't seem to get motivated even though I need to finish a few Swaps.
Cattle prod sounds good but not sure about the cliff, LOL
I bought the Dear Jane book about two years ago. Maybe next year ah!!