Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dear Jane A-6

There we go:) Now that wasn't that painful was it???? LOL

I picked an easy block to get me started. I went to get the old blocks to compare my sewing and you know what?!?! I can't find where I put them.

For crying out loud its only been 2 days since I put them somewhere. You'd think I couldn't loose them that quick!!!

Bloody hell Lucky!!!!

Anyhow time for a decaf cappuccino with Pat and ask him if he's seen my bag of DJ blocks.

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angela said...

I can lose things quicker than that, as soon as they leave my hands.
too bad I cant lose my weight that easily. lol.
Looks great, keep the motivation going.

Pip said...

Think of those first blocks you made as practise ones, it definitely does make a difference when you use colours and fabrics you love, it just seems to make it easier.