Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dear Jane A-1

Its hot here today and we're hiding inside and staying cool.

I spent a couple of hours making block A-1 out in the cooler rooms.

Decided to start on row "A" as that way I won't pick the easy ones and be left with the hard blocks all in 1 hit.

Though I didn't find this block hard to make. Just fiddly and with taking my time I was happy with the end result.

When I find those first 14 blocks I have done and want to turn into a cushion, I'll be able to compare my sewing and see how much it has improved.

One thing I did notice with the 28 pieces was, the quilt shop quality fabric made this block much easier to work with. So happy I have bitten the bullet and deciding to start again.

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Cross Stitch Crazy Mum said...

A very nice block :)

Heather said...

looks great Lucky, nice day to stay inside and sew !! Luv..Heather