Thursday, November 17, 2011

Baby Birdie Quilt

Where has the almost last 2 weeks gone? I can't believe that I haven't posted the finished baby quilt for a little girl.

I spent the Saturday quilting the quilt and once again I took it over to Khris' place for the hand binding to be finished off the next day.

Now when Josephine and Matt's baby is born next month, I just have to wrap the correct quilt to the baby. Very exited about them become first time parents and not knowing the sex of bub, makes it that bit more exciting.

Pat is now getting good at knowing what I want in a photo. You can just see my legs at the bottom of the

Loved making this quilt and I found the birdie fabric just so yummy to work with. When I look at the quilt I get a strong feeling Jo is having a girl. Most people are saying a boy. What ever way, just as long as they are both healthy once the delivery is over.

I quilted this one a bit different to the Max & Whiskers quilt.

I couldn't get any pretty soft coloured polar fleece fabric in birds at all. There was one....but it was just plain awful. So I picked out these cute teddies as their bows match the colours of the fabric.

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