Monday, November 28, 2011

"Spirit" Of Giving

Today I spent the day with my two dear friends Amanda and Khris, sewing and grabbing those precious hours. Next week Khris and her family move back to Queensland, where they came from 4 years ago.

I have had the honour of knowing this wonderful family for 2 years now. This is where I go on a Sunday and we all sew up a storm.

What I wasn't expecting and overwhelmed to receive, was this beautiful quilt that I helped Khris make earlier this year.

Fabric used was "Spirit" by Moda and I just loved working with this fabric range.

Label and yes that is how my eyes read the label this morning. All blurry and trying not to cry as that would have had us both bawling.

I have been so blessed with Khris's "Spirit" and outlook on life. Khris taught me how to make a quilt when we as a group, worked on the quilts for the floods up in Queensland earlier this year.

Khris is a person I look up to, with this zest for life and her "spirit" in giving to others with her heart. I am so proud to call her my friend and I shall be counting down the days from when you leave and to when you come back in April of next year.

We have one more Sunday as a group in Khris's house this coming Sunday. I am wondering how I will cope with not having my Sunday sewing time. No interruptions and with us feeding each other with inspiration . I know that our little group will continue in friendship and sewing together as often as we can. Maybe we could do a link up with Khris one

Better go and wash my eyes out as I can feel something in them and its making my eyes water.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011


I love bags and I have a select few I have either made myself or been gifted to me.

Most of them (all of them really but 1) are floral and this does make it rather funny as one bag is used for Pat's medication we carry everywhere with us, when we leave the house.

This makes for some rather funny comments from me towards Pat when he's carrying his medical bag.

Over this weekend I have put him out of his embarrassing misery and made his very own medical bag.

I showed him some fabric to go with some left over coffee fabric I used to make an apron for me. People who know Pat, know he's a real coffee freak and loves his coffee beans.

Both sides have different coffee prints and the side panels are from left over fabric I used to bind my star quilt.

Not quite enough of the fabric left for the lining, so I added a strip from the fabric I used as backing on my star quilt.

Pat is happy with the end result and I am sad as I can't snicker anymore about Pat having a floral medical bag. Oh well fun is all over and it was fun while it lasted......hehehehe

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Another Block Finished.

Thought I would try something different, I scanned this block. Its from the Life Is Beautiful quilt I am slowly making.

I like to take a stitchery with me to Dawn's on Tuesday.

I just have to work the sizing out with scanning

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Dear Jane A-1

Its hot here today and we're hiding inside and staying cool.

I spent a couple of hours making block A-1 out in the cooler rooms.

Decided to start on row "A" as that way I won't pick the easy ones and be left with the hard blocks all in 1 hit.

Though I didn't find this block hard to make. Just fiddly and with taking my time I was happy with the end result.

When I find those first 14 blocks I have done and want to turn into a cushion, I'll be able to compare my sewing and see how much it has improved.

One thing I did notice with the 28 pieces was, the quilt shop quality fabric made this block much easier to work with. So happy I have bitten the bullet and deciding to start again.

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Baby Birdie Quilt

Where has the almost last 2 weeks gone? I can't believe that I haven't posted the finished baby quilt for a little girl.

I spent the Saturday quilting the quilt and once again I took it over to Khris' place for the hand binding to be finished off the next day.

Now when Josephine and Matt's baby is born next month, I just have to wrap the correct quilt to the baby. Very exited about them become first time parents and not knowing the sex of bub, makes it that bit more exciting.

Pat is now getting good at knowing what I want in a photo. You can just see my legs at the bottom of the

Loved making this quilt and I found the birdie fabric just so yummy to work with. When I look at the quilt I get a strong feeling Jo is having a girl. Most people are saying a boy. What ever way, just as long as they are both healthy once the delivery is over.

I quilted this one a bit different to the Max & Whiskers quilt.

I couldn't get any pretty soft coloured polar fleece fabric in birds at all. There was one....but it was just plain awful. So I picked out these cute teddies as their bows match the colours of the fabric.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dear Jane A-6

There we go:) Now that wasn't that painful was it???? LOL

I picked an easy block to get me started. I went to get the old blocks to compare my sewing and you know what?!?! I can't find where I put them.

For crying out loud its only been 2 days since I put them somewhere. You'd think I couldn't loose them that quick!!!

Bloody hell Lucky!!!!

Anyhow time for a decaf cappuccino with Pat and ask him if he's seen my bag of DJ blocks.

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Dear Jane Begins

I'm all set to make my first block in my Dear Jane quilt.

I'm feeling excited and at the same time a little over whelmed. Its a big step taking on a quilt of this size. Having already made 14 blocks and not being happy with the colour and quality of the fabrics.

Feeling much more pumped with the idea of using a good quality fabric and in the colours/range I simply adore. Nothing like a few years of sewing and quilting under one's belt to help along the way.

I have no idea how long it will take me as I do have other projects on my coat hangers.

So why am I sitting here explaining this to you?? I have no idea. I think I need a gentle shove off the end of the cliff to get me

With a bit of a fan fare.........I begin my journey.

Wonder where I put the cattle prod????

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