Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oops Forgot....

I am so sorry Deb as I forgot to show everyone the 3 coasters you made out of the leftovers of fabric.

Nothing like some green coasters to scatter around the house. Saves me dragging to same one with me from room to room. Love them heaps.

If you notice my sewing output increasing, it'll be due to me seeing a sleep therapist. I'm not sleeping..taking me about on the average 10 hours to get 5 hours sleep.

I am following orders and going to bed at midnight and getting up to an alarm at 6 am. Back for a follow up visit tomorrow and see if the sleep hours will be increased by 30 mins.

My brain needs to be reprogrammed to allow me to sleep and not lay there for hours on end tossing and turning. Even if I am up caring for Pat through out the night.... still only allowed to go to bed at midnight and up at 6 am.

So lets have a look see at what I have been working on. After hanging on my coat hanger for about 6 months. They first of the pockets for a quilting bag are completed.

This evening I am going to make a cover for our 2012 diary I put all appointments into. Already there are 2 or 3 medical visits book and penciled in.

Going to practice a different sort of quilting on the cover. I have always wanted to do this on a table runner, but haven't been game enough. So I am going to start out small and have some fun.

Yes that is my White Russian tomcat "Rebel" doing what he does best. Sleep on the furniture. Now you know why I like the idea of hanging my "star quilt" over the back of the lounge. Much easier to wash the quilt than the fabric on the lounge.

Mind you... I 'm not slow in tipping a cat off, if we need to use the quilt. Then I am nice and warm under my quilt with cats hanging off the quilt as well.....lol

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Pip said...

There is nothing worse than lying in bed tossing and turning, but not sleeping. I tend to get up and have a little read and then go back to bed. I'm sure you will be getting more sewing done now especially as you don't have to go to bed till midnight :)

cheryl said...

Lol, Leeane, at least you have a white cat!!!! love the coasters too. I am always going to do more, one day! I think the sleep clinic is doing it great, too many just whack you with a cpap machine, and while they are great for some, not for everyone!