Friday, October 7, 2011

Debbie's Cushion

Early this year I suggested to my sister Debbie, about having a paper bag swap between just the two of us. No time limit or pressure to have the swap done, by the time we next saw each other.

About six months later, tomorrow is the day we'll give each other our paper bags back.

Debbie gave me a beautiful flora fabric and a few weeks ago I hung the fabric on a coat hanger and started to look at the fabric.

One thing that came to mind is how Deb loves my variety of cushions I have made and have scattered around the lounge room.

All finished and ready for swapping. I have the same cushion but in Aster Manor.

Love zippers....yeah I know....bit of a dill pickle aren't I??? LOL

One thing I had forgotten with the pattern from the "Creating Country Threads" Vol11 No 2, is the templates are not correct and a couple are mixed up. Took me most of the day to make the front and I learnt a new word starting with "F".

FABRIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I swore heaps under my breath and I adopted this word as the other word was wearing thin.

I'm not sure if its the way the pattern was written or it was just me...... but in the end I have made the cushion twice. So all can't be that bad.

Left over fabric from the fabric cut by mistake was not put to waste. As I made a zipper bag for Deb.

I can't wait to see what Deb thinks of her swap and what she has made me.

Yes we are also swapping another fat 1/4 tomorrow and no time limit for a creation to be made.

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Dawn said...

Oh Lucky, that is gorgeous and if Deb doesn't like it, I am happy to have it live at my house...he make the most lovely gifts...well done for perservering twice...and love the little bag you made of the leftovers...
Big Hugs Dawn x x x

Donna said...

Lovely pillow. Debbie will enjoy this. happy quilting.

Chris H said...

That cushion is adorable! well done chick.

Heather said...

love the cushion you made Deb. it looks lovely. see you soon !!

sandra said...

I think Deb will love it, and I hope you love yours too.

Bibs said...

Beautiful photo Robyn! Were your kitties scared? My CC hates thunderstorm and I'm not fond of them either.
Thanks for post.

Liz said...

What a beautiful cushion. Love the choice of colors.