Monday, August 29, 2011

More Mail.

The mail man has been so kind to me of late. Not delivering many window envelopes and has been wonderful, as he's been dropping off parcels instead.

Three more deliveries over the last few days and boy are they
wonderful. One parcel I didn't even know it was coming.

Its from Gloria and I love the surprise.

How cute is this fabric? Gloria said when she saw it, my cats in the sewing room came to mind.
Gloria thought after all the health issues Pat has had, a little gift for me was needed.

How cute are these buttons? These little cats were tucked inside the fabric. Gloria was like me
a carer and knows how tiring some days can be.

I am going to make a bag with the fabric.
Buttons I will use else where.

Also in the mail came by big fabric order that I bought with my birthday money from the girls over on C-R-A-F-T.

Two yards each of "Warm Memories" by Kansas Troubles for Moda. This is to be used with the two charm packs I bought and will be made into a quilt.

The fabric above and below are half yard each and it'll be used in a quilt I want to make with my "Gone With The Wind" panels on the back.

Between these and what I bought at Trisha's, I should have a good range to start my quilt off with.
I want to make the blocks in Civil War reproduction fabric.
Now what blocks will I be making for my quilt are from the book in the photo below.

I have fallen in love with the "Farmer's Wife" quilt and the blocks I have seen are just stunning.
So I thought with part of the $$$ I would buy this book/CD and while on line I bought the
other book as well.

I think I have spent my $$$ well and I still have 2 more charm packs in the mail somewhere.
What are they, you ask???
You'll have to wait until they arrive and I take a photo. LOL.

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Domac said...

It was a good birthday, eh Lucky. It was good to have pressies. Hugs, Donna in Brissie.

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Gorgeous stuff, Lucky!! I am a big fan of Kansas Troubles fabrics. Have you looked at her blog? awesome quilts there. :)

wackywoman said...

You do get good mail.

Maria said...

How thoughtful to send you a little cheer up parcel.
What a lovley collection of fabrics and books. Great buys.

Chris H said...

parcels in the post are the best!