Thursday, August 4, 2011


On Tuesday of this week I had the most amazing experience, that not all quilters get to do and enjoy. I used a free standing quilt frame and I quilted my star quilt.

Firstly I would like to thanks Dawn, who was so kind and generous to give me the freedom of her quilting frame. Thanks darl'n.

I once heard that a couple of glasses of drink can help with free motion quilting. So on the way to Dawn's place I picked up a can of diet I was told, that diet coke isn't quite what they meant when saying about the drinking before quilting.

That was popped into the fridge as I was so sure I'd need a fix at some stage that morning. I think all up it took just under 3 hours to quilt my quilt.

So lets take a look at the photos Dawn took for me.

She's a big beauty and very impressive. Quilting frame isn't too bad

That is me, you knew that thought....heheheh.

I learnt some interesting things while quilting.

  • Don't bunny hop....... yeah right!!!
  • Don't slow down too much and then plant the foot flat....... oops!
  • Remember to check the backing fabric isn't bunched up and is nice a smooth..... gotch ya!
  • That goes for the wadding too...... double gotch ya!!
  • Have fun...... no worries about that ...I had a ball.

Show and tell time, thanks Judy for helping to hold my now quilted quilt up.

Different angle for you to see those blocks.

The back of my quilt. I'm pointing to a gathered bit that I didn't have smooth enough.

Okay now you have finished ooooohhhhhing and aaarrring over my ever so AWESOME quilt.

What did I learn???


I leart that even though its not purr-fectly quilted...I don't care. Yes I can see a few "aaawwww craps" on where I did a boo-boo. But that is what makes it so perfect in my eyes. It tells me yes I can make a quilt and yes I can do a great job. And yes, I will improve as each quilt is made and finished in the future.

In a nut shell...I am AWESOME. Quilts pretty AWESOME too.

For people who know me.... they know I say that about myself with my tongue planted firmly in my cheek. I hope my post has projected how excited I am to have made my quilt and how grateful I am with answers to questions, as I made the blocks and the support in the final stages. You too are AWESOME.

Oh yeah...about that can of diet coke????? It was enjoyed very much after all was finished. I was mentally drained from concentrating and my back was sore.

Wouldn't change a thing that morning.

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Cathy (aka CrafteeCC) said...

great job ;-)

Khris said...

well done chooky...hugs Khris

Renny's little things said...

What an Awesome job. Now did you need my address again to send it when your finished my quilt???
I have aleways said that if you look for perfect you will never find it. I was so dissapointed when I quilted Rhiannons quilt looked at the back and found all the tucks and puckers and crap bits but hey I did that and thats the way it is....None of us are perfect but what we do is perfect if we want it to be. I think it is perfect and anyway some of the pro's quilts have mistakes!!!

Love you, Love the quilt and love that you love it...
Cheers Geniene

bluegreen said...

WOW! You must be so pleased with yourself, I would be! It looks just great. I am very impressed :)

Liz said...

That looks great Lucky. With all you have gone through lately it is good to see you have had fun and have a magnificent quilt to show.

Maria said...

Yep You are awesome and so is the quilt, as is Dawn for letting you loose on her quilting frame.
How nice to spend stitching time with such nice friends.
Bet the diet coke went down well.

wackywoman said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh, it is lovely Leanne. Really lovely. It is the only way you want to quilt one of those big quilts. Wahoo!

Quiltin' Sandy said...

The quilt looks fab, Lucky. I would so love to try quilting like that- not sure if I could stand that long though. I can just imagine your sense of achievement- there's no stoppin' you now!!! Hugs. :o)

Chris H said...

Well Done Chick..... it look FANTASTIC.

Pip said...

Good job Lucky, looks fantastic. I think that we never stop learning.

Stitchin' time said...

Sounds like you had great fun and thanks for sharing the experience. Lovely quilt - front and back! You almost always make me laugh.

creativedawn said...

I can feel your excitement, Lucky!!! Congratulations on quilting your lovely star quilt!


Karen's Korner said...

Congratulations on the quilt - it looks great.

Margarita said...

Good work Leanne, congratulations. It does make one feel really good. I love quilting on the frame.

NannyMoo's said...

You have done a great job on your quilt Leanne, proud of you!!



antmee said...

Great post! Your quilt does look awesome! I am impressed.