Friday, July 22, 2011

Back To Basics

Its been a while since I posted and its been a while since I have picked up a needle too.

People who know me through the sewing forums or on Facebook, know what has been happening. Figured its time to let you know as well.

Back a couple of weeks ago, Pat was taken by ambulance to hospital with pneumonia and spent 4 days in hospital. He was given a wonderful birthday present while in hospital....a get out of hospital card on his birthday.

Having him home was wonderful, even if my hands were full caring for him.

This trip into hospital knocked him for an 8 and me for a 6. Other times he has been in hospital I have coped well and slept like a log. Not this time round, I was awake a lot and so tired when he came home. I am thinking its due to the higher threat to his health with the pneumonia on top of the Occupational Asthma.

In the last 10 days Pat has been out of hospital, he has improved and each day Pat looks better in the morning.

In the mail one day a gift came from a lovely lady from a sewing group I am a member of. Diana sent me the following items/notions wrapped in some beautiful fabric.

How cute are these little fabric panels?? I'm thinking maybe a cushion for the lounge room..... or a lap quilt.

Some notions and a couple of patterns.

This beautiful fabric wrapped the above goodies.

Thanks Diana so much. Your thoughts and gift brought a much needed smile to my face. Love you heaps.

With Pat being so sick, sewing has taken a back seat. By night time, I am so tired from my busy day, that I just vegged out in front of the TV.

My BOMs are behind by a month, swaps were not getting to my swappers by the right time......after a good think and much soul searching ( I take my swaps very serious) I have pulled out of the ones I had put my name forward in, but hadn't been drawn. Plus the 2 on going swaps I was involved in each month.

Do you know I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders and was actually in a light hearten mood the next day.

No pressure, no calendar screaming at me. Today I actually managed to do some sewing for the first time in my house in about a fortnight.

A much needed bag holder.

Nothing flash, no applique or stitchery....... just some good old fashion straight stitch on my lovely sewing machine.

It's lined too, as the fabric isn't of a thick quality. So now I have a new bag holder for those fruit and veg bags from the green grocer, I like to use when I need one.

Just a lovely, quick little item to get my mojo kick started. I need to sew for the love of sewing, not because there is a date looming and it needs to go somewhere, for someone else.


flowerofshona said...

Hi hun,
Im in the same place as you with my hubby being ill and i know hw stressful it is (((hug))))).
That bag is lovely !! keep on stitching xxxxxxxx

Donna said...

I'm glad to hear Pat is on the mend and you as well.

angela said...

I hope Pa is feeling better soon. Just remember to look after yourself too!
take care

Pip said...

I thought you had been a bit quiet lately Lucky, I think it's better to sew things that make you happy and not stressed, that was one of the reasons I decided not to take part in swaps.
I hope Pat continues to improve and you make sure that you get plenty of rest as well.

wackywoman said...

Isn't Diana a lovely person. So glad Pat is going so much better. That was such a worry.

Narelle said...

Dear Leanne, I am so glad that you are feeling better you had me worried over at the forum. I am glad that you are feeling much better. Those lovely panels are just beautiful and a cushion sound great. It is amazing how a little kind parcel in the mail makes all the difference. it is nice to just sit at the machine and do some straight sewing and make something with out a deadline and for yourself. Hope Pat is feeling stronger ever day, prayers for him from up here in FNQ.
Hugs to you both

Chris H said...

Sorry to hear your hubby has been ill... hope he's well on the mend now.