Friday, June 17, 2011

While Rebel Slept

While my white Russian "Rebel" slept in our bed, I was busy trying to make sense of the "Quilter's Carry All" bag. Most of the girls in Dawn's sewing group have made one and they are just amazing. Each is different and I just love all the pockets the bag offers and the size as well.

I was humming and harring about what I wanted to pop on the pockets and I have decided to go with applique designs.

Picking out the fabric for the outside of the bag was and is always fun. Getting to visit one's stash is always a joy in my books. I want my bag to be bright and I am hoping the fabrics I have picked will portray this when finished.

Last night after the kitchen was closed for the night, I started to plow through some magazines for appliques. I had an idea of what I was looking for and was so pleased to be able to find them in the end.

I'm going with Moda Bella Solids "Goldenrod" as the pocket colours. I had already picked out the fabric I want in the way of appliques and the Bella Solid colour will bring the colours to life.

Then it was left to tracing them onto some "steam-a-seam 2". By this time it was about 9 pm and I thought I'd pack up for the day. Last thing I wanted to do was start to make mistakes while ironing the appliques to the pocket fabric.

That is about as far as I got, no sewing at all today. Spent the afternoon getting a wonderful dose of "Super Cooper"

HUGGLES announcement over the weekend.

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Karen's Korner said...

I am looking forward to coming back and seeing the completed item.
It is certainly looking very bight and cheerful.

Quiltin' Sandy said...

What a better way to spend your day than a snuggle up to little Cooper? You are really a lucky ducky! :0