Saturday, June 4, 2011

Thank You HUGGLE Angels

Look what came in the mail this week from Grantham State Primary School.

I hope you are able to read what they wrote.

Children are holding their new HUGGLES down in the right hand side of the collection of photos. Also a photo of the HUGGLES on a table on the right side too.

A HUGE thank you HUGGLES Angels for your time and dollars in mailing them to me. You are an amazing and generous set of ladies.

How are your HUGGLES for the Ethiopian appeal coming along?

I'm having a give away along with Amanda who asked me if HUGGLES For Kids could help.

I'll have 3 prizes to give away and these will be drawn at the end of the appeal. Look for info over the next day or so on how to win one and what those prizes will be. Little hint...

  1. charm pack
  2. moda fabric
  3. applique fabric


Quiltin' Sandy said...

Lovely pictures of all the kiddles, Lucky! :)
I was so angry when I read in the paper that Heinz are closing down some of their canning places here and moving them to NZ. Among the people directly affected are the beetroot farmers in the Lockyer Valley- that's all they need! grrrr.
Not buying Heinz stuff any more if I can avoid it.

Chris H said...

How neat to actually see the kids with their huggles. awwwwww.

Maria said...

So nice to receive the letter and photo.
Was able to read and see them by clicking on them, thanks.

Gloria said...

Love the pics of the kids with the huggles .....very nice