Friday, June 3, 2011

National Sewing Weekend

Boy oh boy, what a week I have had.

Make a cuppa and maybe a feed as it's a long story.

On Monday Pat went across the city by taxi for a pile of tests to do with his Occupational Asthma. One of the tests was a arterial blood gas, where blood is taken from an arterial vain. After 4 attempts, they gave up.

Next day (Tuesday) Pat needed to see a doctor, as his hand/arm was swollen and 3 fingers were numb and then we were told to go straight to the emergency at our local hospital.

We were there from about 2.30 pm to 11.30 pm and home by midnight. Talk of a blood clot as his arm and hand was swollen. After dragging the workers in to crank up the machines, Pat had a cat scan on his arm and a clot was ruled out.

Home and told to come back 7.30 am Wednesday.... saw a nero surgeon and an orthopedic surgeon and we were told the person who did the test, hit a nerve. We left the hospital about 10 am with Pat's arm in a sling and talk of 1 month minimum for the arm/hand to heal.

Over to see Amy and "Super Cooper" as she needed her mum and I cleaned her house.While Pat rested there and Amy caught up on some much needed sleep.

Home then for me to make some order of my place.

Okay up to Thursday keeping up?? Amy had a wonderful night with Super Coop and we took over a basket and I cooked bacon & eggs with home made bread for toast. Home around lunch time.

Main reason for the visit on Thursday was to deliver this little beanie I knitted up Wednesday night for Cooper. Amy & Ben only have the one beanie. Going to knit a couple more this weekend for him.

Today I chased my own house work and cared for Pat, dragged him to a doctor's visit for 2 pm and found out it was a 3 pm appointment. Bugger hey????? Thank goodness the clinic is around the corner, so we came home.

Pat woke with a chest infection this morning and is now on extra medication for this including steroids. Also got a proper time for his arm/hand to be back 100%..... 3 to 6 months. Think I can throw in another "bugger" there.

I did ask for a sick certificate as he'll not be able to do dishes...... doc thought that was funny.....

So I have a very sick hubby here at the moment. No quilting at Khris's this Sunday. Bugger again.

This weekend is "National Sewing Weekend" You can join me in this amazing festival and your hubby or partner doesn't even have to be sick.

All you have to do is no house work..... just cook and clean up after yourself and the others (if need be) and spend your time sewing and having some well earned me time.

Support me is this challenge......I dare


Chris H said...

Well talk about a major botch up in relation to Pat's arm/hand! That should never have happened!
Can you get compensation for lost work/pay while his nerve settles again?
OOOO Cooper is adorable... every newborn is so very special.
I hope you have a really nice weekend.

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Lucky, what sh#tty times for you and Pat. Thank goodness there is a little someone to keep your minds off all of those problems,!! and what a sweet little guy he is, I think he knows his nanna made him that cozy hat! hugs Sandy. :)

Maria said...

Oh No what a horrible week. Your poor DH. Makes you so mad when it need not have happened.Hope hubby likes reading and tele.
Oh No again becuase you cannot go to stitch with Khris.
Only bright thing in your week is to see Amy and Super Coop (love his nickname)
Yep I will join you in a sewing week. I need to do some quilting and maybe tackle a UFO.

RobynK said...

So glad it's National Sewing weekend as I'd already decided to do that anyway while I'm having an almost home alone 2 days!
Cooper definitely needs hats for winter and he's lucky he has a crafty Nanna!

angela said...

I hope the hospital that botched that has appologised at lest. I wish I could sew but a busy weekend of birthday partys instead for me. Oh well someone has to do it.
I hope pa feels better soon, happy sewing.