Thursday, June 9, 2011

National Sewing Weekend Day 2

I can not believe today is Thursday and I have only just managed to find time for a show and tell on day 2 of the Sewing weekend I had.

Day 2 was a more rewarding day and I got heaps done.

Started these Saturday night and finished them off on Sunday.

This hexi I made up and completed Saturday night. Just need to get the hexi into the mail and to its new owner, Norma.

These 2 hexies arrived in the mail this week from Ruth. Love the colours and pattern on the fabric. Thanks Ruth.

So what have I been doing with myself the last 4 days??? Husband, daughter and grandson. Think that say its all. biggrin I went shopping to the supermarket with Amy & Cooper yesterday.

On Tuesday afternoon I placed 2 orders of fabric one from The Twiddletails Store 4 yards of a light tan/brown fabric. I will use this one or maybe the 4 yards I ordered from Craft Town as backing fabric for my star quilt. Both fabrics were on sale for $4 a yard. Just have to wait for them to arrive and decide which will suit better. I also ordered more brown fabric for the outside border of the star quilt.

I haven't touched any sewing since the weekend. Fairly tired by night time and just laying on the lounge and cuddling one of the cats.

This weekend is our local 3 day craft fair, hoping to get there with some of the sewing girls. Love looking around the stalls and seeing what's there for sale.

Tomorrow we're off into the city for the markets, that is if Pat is up to a train trip.

Well time is waiting for me to put to some good use...better go and clean the loo. Fairy is flat out these day.......

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Shirlwin said...

Wohooo, I love those red Christmas blocks!! My Fairy has gone on strike! Not fair as I had lots planned for him ... lol.