Saturday, June 4, 2011

National Sewing Weekend Day 1

How was your first day of the sewing festival? Mine has been rather good, not as much done as what I wanted.

My day started at 9.15 when both Pat & I crawled out of bed after a shocking nights sleep. I fully expected this as when Pat is sicker than normal this is part of his health cycle.

Was greeted with my sister in law Sally at the door before the kettle was even switched on. Sally joined us for breakfast and a slow start to the day.

Last night I started the craft festival off with a little project and look what I made!!

Another beanie for little "Super Coop", he's going to be well dressed in the beanie department for

Once Sally left and and the animals fed and dishes done, it was time to think about what I wanted to start with first off. Now remembering my day started late and Sally was here for a good while....

I sorted out the hexi swap for this draw and traced the 2 "Tis The Season" blocks and ironed some backing onto them. In between this I made a huge batch of chicken vegie soup from scratch. No this didn't include running one of my girls down and plucking them.

Once lunch was out of the way and the kitchen clean up for the second time.....its a never ending battle isn't it girls??

It was time to make some biscuits, as the house was empty of them. More dishes to then be washed and by this time.......

I managed to get the Out Of The Box info sheets printed off and promptly went and laid down as Pat was asleep.

So I had my first real official "Nanna nap"

Now its time to start the evening meal.

After the kitchen is cleaned up again....I'll sort out the "Out of the Box" BOM and start stitching, knitting or laying on the lounge and wonder in exhaustion...where did Saturday go.

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Maria said...

Sew apart from knitting a sweet beanie for Super Coop you did not get to stitch.
Hope you do tonight.

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Considering your bad night, you have done great, Lucky!
Congratulations on your first official nanny nap too.
I LUV your sense of humour, please don't ever lose it!! Hugs, Sandy. :)

Karen's Korner said...

Yep I agree - where does the day go - I think that "they" are fiddling with it and taking hours out - LOL. However you did "good" and achieved lots especially in the cooking department.

Shirlwin said...

Yummy looking biccies, and 'Super Coop' certainly is beginning to fair well in the beanie department.