Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Huggles for Ethiopia Prizes Galore...

Over the last month or so, I have been writing about my HUGGLES for Ethiopia Appeal. Already HUGGLES are arriving at Amanda's place in Queensland.

There is still 2.5 months to go and we have decided to make the appeal more exciting, for you.

After a phone chat with Amanda we came up with 7 prizes that you our HUGGLES Angels can win. Its so easy to go in the draw and best part can choose how many times you want your name in the draw.

First off lets look at my 3 prizes and why I have picked them from my stash.

1st prize is a charm pack called "Dream On".

I picked this pack as we all have dreams and they can be as simple as a new toy or a plate of food... or a higher priced dream of a new computer or winning X-Lotto.

2nd prize is 1/2 metre of Moda "Lilac Hill" and a quilt pattern.

Unlike a sweet bird these children cannot fly away to a new place to live. And at night when I look up I see the beauty of stars and thank God for my wonderful life I have.

3rd Prize is 6 pieces of Shadow Play ranging in size from 6 x 8.25 inches to a whopping 42 x 11 inches in size. Plus a cushion pattern.

Love shadow play and I have given a piece from each fabric in my collection for this prize.

I am a full time carer for my hubby and some fortnights its a struggle to make ends meet. Living in the shadow of poverty here in my house, is nothing compared to what these children go through day after day.

Okay now you know my reasons for my 3 prizes.....let the fun begin.

How to enter.

To have a chance to win 1 of these 3 prizes or one of Amanda's prizes you can find on her just have to make a HUGGLE and contact either Amanda or myself, for Amanda's post address when ready to mail.

Now the kicker....You can choose how many times you want to enter, 1 HUGGLE equals 1 entry. 3 HUGGLES is 3 entries. 10 HUGGLES is 10 entries. There is no limit to how many HUGGLES you make and mail to Amanda.

With the cost of living and postage, you can send the HUGGLES completed (with faces) if your on a low income and can't afford to stuff and post. Amanda has some lovely ladies who will stuff them for you. You still have the same entries to the draw as a stuffed HUGGLE.

Your name or names will go into a container, once the HUGGLE have arrived at Amanda's place. You can also send me a photo of them to pop up here on my blog and my Face Book page or I can get Amanda to do this for you. Your name will go on our side bar as well.

How does this sound so far???? Pretty awesome you would have to say!!!

Closing date.

Now the cut off date is 6 pm EST , 31st August. That will give time for Amanda to get the HUGGLES to the people who sponsor these sweet children who may never had a new toy in their life.

HUGGLES will be going over to Ethiopia on the 15th September.

Now I did say 7 prizes and so far I have mentioned only 6. So what is the 7th prize???

How would you love the chance to win this book? Thank so much Amanda for supplying this beautiful Tilda craft book.

To go in the draw, all you have to do is blog about HUGGLES For Ethiopia on your own blog, post a link to this post and let me know. Or you can let Amanda know, 1 link and 1 chance to win..... no you cannot post a link back to your blog on both my link and Amanda's and get two bites at this

Anyone who has sent HUGGLES already and Amanda has received them, your in the draw already.

If you want to know more about the HUGGLES For Ethiopia Amanda has a wonderful post here.

We have a list of suitable patterns on Amanda's link as the sizes are very important. There is a choice of teddies and dolls to make.

This appeal is open to overseas people as well. You will also have the same prize rights as the Aussie people.

Okay I think I have covered all the info you might need to know. If you need to know anything, please leave a comment and I'll get back to you asap.

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Khris said...

You are such a good soul and I am so lucky to have you in my life...I know these kids will be "lucky" to have you in their life even if they don't know you...hugs Khris

Khris said...

I have blogged about your Huggles cause....hope you get some more help out...I snagged your Huggles pic too if thats okay...hugs Khris