Friday, June 24, 2011

Can You Help Me???

This is how I turn a tube of fabric the right way out after sewing up the side. This 12 inch tubing took me the last half of the Mentalist, all of CSI Las Vegas and the first half of CSI Miami.

Is there an easier way of turning the tubing the right way out???

If you have a hint or the answer to my question........ please leave me a comment.

My fingers will also be very grateful.


Stitchin' time said...

You need a loop turner. Write it on your list for next time you are near a fabric shop. You'll still need to do some fabric manipulation but it shouldn't take you more than 15 minutes for even a really skinny tube.

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Hi Lucky. I hope I can explain this properly! I read it somewhere but haven't tried it out.
Lay a slightly longer (and strong) thread like thin crochet yarn or similar along the length of your fabric (right side) before you fold it over to stitch down the long side, and also stitch across one end.(making sure you sew the thread in the end)
You can then "roll" the tube gradually hanging onto the end of the thread, and when you have it all right side out, just trim that end off, and remove the thread. I hope that makes sense, You might also be able to just thread it through AFTER you have sewn the long sides, and just anchor it to one end. If it is very narrow, you would have to be careful you didn't catch the thread in the seam when sewing. OK it's clear as mud isn't it? As I said I haven't tried it but it's worth a try- might work really good. Sandy. :)

Vanilla said...

Hi Lucky,

I use two ways to turn a tube.

1- After the tube is sewn, I attach a large safety pin to one end and slide it in the inside, moving it with my fingers till it gets to the other end. I then pull it from the inside and turn it righ side out.

2 - Another way I do it is:
when I start sewing the tube, I fold the fabric right side in and inside of it I place a long (longer than your tube) tape, or shoe lace (whatever you have handy), and sew it at the top. Be careful not to sew it together with your seam.
Then, when the tube is sewn, I pull the tape from inside and it brings the top with it, so you can turn it around. (hope you understood that one.. it was a bit difficult to explain... he he)

Beeshebags said...

Use a large safety pin hun...too easy, and quick...still a bit of manoevering to do but they turn real easy. I've got one of those loop turners somewhere, could never get it to work!