Monday, June 27, 2011

Grab & Go Holder

If you are anything like me when off to sewing group, this needle holder is a must.

Joy Coey designed this pattern and it can be found in "Creating Country Threads" Vol 11 No 9.

I used some of my "Crazy 8" by Moda honey bun roll.

Only thing missing was a piece of felt for my needles and so I added that myself.

Lots of little pockets inside for my little extras I like to take.

Can't wait to take it tomorrow with me to sewing. I'm calling it my "Grab & Go" holder, as this is what it'll be used for. This will save me having to remember to find and pack my notions each time.

Now there is no reason for me to forget any of my notions on quilting day. Fabric is another Yes one time I left my fabric home. eek redface

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Coffee Anyone?

Due to sewing tomorrow morning and then a get together for Amy's birthday and introducing Cooper, I may not have time to post tomorrow.

Thought I'd show you what I have made this evening.

This fabric was in my special box of fabric, waiting to be turned into an apron. Never mind the fabric has been here about 18 months or just over that time.

I was going to work on my needle case holder. But I have a thinking block happening about the button and how to make a latch to keep it shut. So I thought a new apron would be nice.

Close up of the pocket area. Photo is a bit washed out, as I didn't have the flash on. The true colour of the fabric is in the first photo.

I fussy cut the fabric for the pocket and lined it with matching fabric on the back of the apron. I picked the zebra and a coffee cup. Used the old straps from the apron I replaced as that was a bought apron.

There is still some of the fabric left over and so one day I'll make some pot holders as well.

It was fun making something that was completed in the same day. After show & tell tomorrow and Tuesday, I'll start using it.

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Pillow/Cushion Cover

When I start a new project I sometimes have to buy the "right" fabric for it. This can at times mean, buying it over a couple of fortnightly pays. This can take awhile as well at a quilting shop mixing and matching colours and patterns on the fabrics.

Pat is happy to just sit on a chair and let me do my "thing", which is nice as I know I don't have to rush and maybe regret one of my choices.

This is the cushion/pillow cover I want to make. When I saw it in a Quilter's Companion magazine I fell in love with it on sight.

Sewing technique is needle turn and I so love this style of hand sewing. I'm not going to rush this project, so if it takes me a few months, that is okay. Wanting to enjoy the whole idea of making and showing off this beautiful pillow/cushion when finished.

First trip to Hettie's Patch I bought my ivory background fabric, templates and any other notions I needed. The ivory fabric is on the left in the photo below. Its got a tiny swirl printed on the fabric, not sure if you can see it all that well in the photo.

Last pay I bought the fabric for the diamonds and flowers. Due to me being such a forgetful person and having a complete change of colours, I photo copied the picture and then fussy cut each piece. They were then pinned to the corresponding fabric, no reason for me to forget the placements of the colours now.

The bird fabric is Moda "Park Avenue" and a couple of the other fabrics are American Civil War reproductions. I bought a bit extra of them as the left over fabric can go in my "Gone With The Wind" quilt.

Fabric and pattern are in a clear bag, hanging off a coat hanger, ready for me to start.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Can You Help Me???

This is how I turn a tube of fabric the right way out after sewing up the side. This 12 inch tubing took me the last half of the Mentalist, all of CSI Las Vegas and the first half of CSI Miami.

Is there an easier way of turning the tubing the right way out???

If you have a hint or the answer to my question........ please leave me a comment.

My fingers will also be very grateful.

Friday, June 17, 2011

While Rebel Slept

While my white Russian "Rebel" slept in our bed, I was busy trying to make sense of the "Quilter's Carry All" bag. Most of the girls in Dawn's sewing group have made one and they are just amazing. Each is different and I just love all the pockets the bag offers and the size as well.

I was humming and harring about what I wanted to pop on the pockets and I have decided to go with applique designs.

Picking out the fabric for the outside of the bag was and is always fun. Getting to visit one's stash is always a joy in my books. I want my bag to be bright and I am hoping the fabrics I have picked will portray this when finished.

Last night after the kitchen was closed for the night, I started to plow through some magazines for appliques. I had an idea of what I was looking for and was so pleased to be able to find them in the end.

I'm going with Moda Bella Solids "Goldenrod" as the pocket colours. I had already picked out the fabric I want in the way of appliques and the Bella Solid colour will bring the colours to life.

Then it was left to tracing them onto some "steam-a-seam 2". By this time it was about 9 pm and I thought I'd pack up for the day. Last thing I wanted to do was start to make mistakes while ironing the appliques to the pocket fabric.

That is about as far as I got, no sewing at all today. Spent the afternoon getting a wonderful dose of "Super Cooper"

HUGGLES announcement over the weekend.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

For Dad & Betty

Back in April I ordered some fabric and once it finally turn up (4 weeks later) I was thrilled to bits with my choices.

Couple of the fabrics were for a table topper for my stepmum and dad. Betty wants it for the kitchen table that is a round shape.

Yesterday was my first real get in and do some sewing without interruptions. Even better than the sewing festival last weekend. I just had to rock up at Khris' and set up my area and off I went.

It was a fun day as not only I made one, but Christine made a table topper as well. Both were at the binding stages when we went home. Can't wait to see her topper finished next Sunday.

Just love stars and I picked the Ohio Star for the topper.

Fabric used was
  • Kansas Troubles by Moda
  • Beach House By Moda
  • Rose Maison By Andover
I want to show and tell it to both sewing groups before I post it off to Betty & Dad.

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Craft & Hobby Fair

This June long weekend is Salisbury Craft & Hobby Fair, its held each June long weekend. Best part is I can walk there as its only 5 minutes from my home.

Khris called in at about 1 pm and we walked around for a look.

Lots of lovely stalls full of all sorts of goodies. Ranging from scrap booking, quilting, beads, knitting, food and pottery to mention a few.

The fair is held in a recreation centre in 3 big sporting rooms. Outside there are show rides and hot food to tempt children and adults.

I was good this year, planned ahead and with my $20.00 off we went for a stroll.

Bought 2 fat 1/4s of fabric .

Just loved the colour and print of this one. I was going to forgo this fat 1/4 for

this one.

As I was looking for a piece to make stems with for an applique pillow cover. Print was smaller on the second piece and as you can see I came away with both. Not bad as I was going to buy a fat 1/4 of shadow play to start off with.

Also I picked up 100 quilting safety pins. I only used the pins with the bend in them a few weeks ago at Khris' place. Thought they were so much easier to use than the regular safety pins.

Very happy with my little bargains and can't wait to put the fabric into my stash and then use them when I am ready.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Awesome Give Away

Samelia's Mum is having an awesome give away over on her blog. I have been a follower of her blog for a long time and I have gone into her give away for a...are you ready???????

An AccuQuilt GO!! Baby..............yes you read right.....with 3 of your own choice of dies.

So pop over and have a look and enter........

Look What I Won

Coming home from the Central Market this morning I found a parcel waiting for me, was from Retromummy.

I had won the Sherbet Pips charm pack and fabric give away. On the day I found out about it, I was having a crappy day and this just made me feel so much better.

I love the whole look of the sherbet pips fabric and I think having my first grandchild has opened my eyes to a whole new range of fabric.

This fabric really suits a girl and I have cheekily booked a granddaughter from Amy, even though Cooper is only 12 days old today.....hahahah

Also in the parcel was a pattern for the quilt called "alphabet soup" and I think its just adorable. Amy saw what I won as she and Cooper called in this afternoon. There was a rather large hint from a new mum about having a quilt like that......heheheh

Thanks so much retromummy for my wonderful prize, I have been reading your blog for ages and it was a thrill being notified of the wonderful prize I won.

My sewing room as of about 30 mins ago. What a mess!!! I so need to spend some time in there cleaning and putting things where they actually belong. Only good thing is the door can be slid shut and the cats are not left to make a bigger mess.

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

National Sewing Weekend Day 2

I can not believe today is Thursday and I have only just managed to find time for a show and tell on day 2 of the Sewing weekend I had.

Day 2 was a more rewarding day and I got heaps done.

Started these Saturday night and finished them off on Sunday.

This hexi I made up and completed Saturday night. Just need to get the hexi into the mail and to its new owner, Norma.

These 2 hexies arrived in the mail this week from Ruth. Love the colours and pattern on the fabric. Thanks Ruth.

So what have I been doing with myself the last 4 days??? Husband, daughter and grandson. Think that say its all. biggrin I went shopping to the supermarket with Amy & Cooper yesterday.

On Tuesday afternoon I placed 2 orders of fabric one from The Twiddletails Store 4 yards of a light tan/brown fabric. I will use this one or maybe the 4 yards I ordered from Craft Town as backing fabric for my star quilt. Both fabrics were on sale for $4 a yard. Just have to wait for them to arrive and decide which will suit better. I also ordered more brown fabric for the outside border of the star quilt.

I haven't touched any sewing since the weekend. Fairly tired by night time and just laying on the lounge and cuddling one of the cats.

This weekend is our local 3 day craft fair, hoping to get there with some of the sewing girls. Love looking around the stalls and seeing what's there for sale.

Tomorrow we're off into the city for the markets, that is if Pat is up to a train trip.

Well time is waiting for me to put to some good use...better go and clean the loo. Fairy is flat out these day.......

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

National Sewing Weekend Day 1

How was your first day of the sewing festival? Mine has been rather good, not as much done as what I wanted.

My day started at 9.15 when both Pat & I crawled out of bed after a shocking nights sleep. I fully expected this as when Pat is sicker than normal this is part of his health cycle.

Was greeted with my sister in law Sally at the door before the kettle was even switched on. Sally joined us for breakfast and a slow start to the day.

Last night I started the craft festival off with a little project and look what I made!!

Another beanie for little "Super Coop", he's going to be well dressed in the beanie department for

Once Sally left and and the animals fed and dishes done, it was time to think about what I wanted to start with first off. Now remembering my day started late and Sally was here for a good while....

I sorted out the hexi swap for this draw and traced the 2 "Tis The Season" blocks and ironed some backing onto them. In between this I made a huge batch of chicken vegie soup from scratch. No this didn't include running one of my girls down and plucking them.

Once lunch was out of the way and the kitchen clean up for the second time.....its a never ending battle isn't it girls??

It was time to make some biscuits, as the house was empty of them. More dishes to then be washed and by this time.......

I managed to get the Out Of The Box info sheets printed off and promptly went and laid down as Pat was asleep.

So I had my first real official "Nanna nap"

Now its time to start the evening meal.

After the kitchen is cleaned up again....I'll sort out the "Out of the Box" BOM and start stitching, knitting or laying on the lounge and wonder in exhaustion...where did Saturday go.

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