Wednesday, May 4, 2011

String Quilt

One thing I had learnt rather quickly when I started quilting, was never throw out your scraps.

They might just come in handy one day for other projects.

Well today I think I started my first official UFO. How about that, after 2 year and 4 months, I have a real honest to goodness UFO.

Not all these scraps are mine....lots have been given to me either when we have been working and sewing together or yep, sent to me in the

Some of this wadding are scraps from when as a group we made 16 quilts for the Queensland Flood survivors.

I'm going with the biggest square I have in the sewing room..... 6.5 inches. One day I hope to own a bigger square.

Made 2 this afternoon. Figured I'd sew 4 together to make a big block and then use some yummy gold/mustard/ what ever colour it is for the sashing. That too was given to

After I tidied up the mess, I then started cutting out Teddy Bear shapes for the HUGGLES for Ethiopia. Took some photos but I will share them, in the up coming days.

Waiting on an order of fabric to arrive, so I figured a good afternoon on these 2 projects was the way to go.

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Chris H said...

HA! I just made some sting blocks too... and turned them into doilies.
Yours looks lovely, it will be nice to see the finished block.

Karen Mallory said...

Scrappy quilts are fun and always look great. Nice you got so many scraps from other people.
hugs Karen

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Your string blocks are great Lucky,
I haven't made any yet, got plenty of fabric scraps though ;)

creativedawn said...

Oh those pesky string! I need to make about 120 of them for a quilt that is presently an UFO!!! Look forward to seeing more of your string blocks... You can also assemble them into nine patch blocks and that will ultimately yield a larger block for the quilt!