Monday, May 30, 2011

Seeing Stars Updated

Yesterday at quilting I sewed the sashes to the base of the blocks and today I spent my day putting the chocolate sashes around my blocks as I joined the rows together.

Next to be added to the quilt is an peek a boo border and then a 4 inch boarder. Taking some choices of fabric tomorrow to Dawn's for a pow-wow. If one of those fabric doesn't suit ( which I have a feeling will be the case) I'll have to buy some more chocolate fabric.

If this is what happens, the quilt will be put on hold for a few weeks as I'll need to save to buy the said fabric.

I love the 2 bottom corner blocks, due to the colours I picked they look different to the other blocks....hehehehe

The fabric was bits and pieces I had sitting in my stash and the stars was from fabric I bought in the first few months of quilting and never used it for anything.

I want to learn how to quilt around the stars with my machine. This quilt is a learning quilt, I picked my own block to do and have chosen the size I wanted it to be.

Stay tuned for the next update.

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bon008 said...

Wow, your quilt looks stunning!

Maybe it's just time flying, but it seems like you've become so good at sewing, so quickly!

wackywoman said...

I also like those two blocks Leanne. The unexpected is always fun.

suzie said...

Leanne if this is a learning quilt you have leant your lessons well. It really is a gorgeous quilt. Well done.

Chris H said...

OOO I do love that quilt! You have done a fantastic job.

sandra said...

Looks great Leanne.!!

Karen's Korner said...

Great job on the quilt.