Friday, May 20, 2011

My Blocks

This month has been a struggle for me to get my BOMs completed. I think it may have something to do with my first grandchild due in about 3 weeks. Doesn't help having Amy telling me its going to be

This photo has been waiting to be posted to show you all. Finally I have a few minutes to sit and post a couple of photos.

Little stitcheries like this are just so relaxing in the evenings, after a busy day. Though of late I tend to just veg out and do nothing. This needs to change and I am happy to say last night I was happy to work on block 6 of my Breast Of Friends.

My sister Debbie was here the other afternoon and I was so pleased to show you our Breast Of Friends blocks we have completed.

Don't they look awesome next to each other?

We had a fun few hours together, Deb worked on her quilt and I made a backing for a quilt for a friend. It was just fun to chat and quilt together like a couple of "young" girls and chat about nothing stressful.

I'm still waiting on fabric to come via the post, 3 projects are waiting to be either started or finished. Its hard to sit and just wait...... but at the same time it makes the arrival even more exciting.

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Creative Times with Sue said...

It is great to spend time with our sister and the blocks look great Leanne. Knowing the pare of you, I can pick who did what colour theme in the Breast Of Friends blocks. lol

Don't be hard on yourself when not finishing a BOM on time or the enjoyment of stitching will be elusive.

Enjoy your grandchild when the little one arrives. I love mine to bits!!! :D

Donna said...

Three weeks (or less) and you will be holding your grandchild! How exciting!