Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

How was your Mother's Day yesterday?

Mine was awesome and I so hope yours was too. We had a BBQ at Amy & Ben's place and the weather was fantastic.

Amy & Ben gave me this beautiful bone china cup & saucer set. I have always wanted one as I love my tea from a tea pot and a cuppa in a china cup.

Due to me being such a klutz and breaking things, I have always been like a kid in a candy store......little face pressed up to the window and wishing. I refuse to pay the asking price.

Last dinner set came from the Salvation Army as I won't pay the prices asked at the shops.

I was told there is 2 in case I break one.........gotta love them for thinking about that. I also have strict instructions to use them.

James gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. He knows how to get into the good books with his

I love being a mum and I love Mother's Day.

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Shirlwin said...

Love the rose cup[s] and saucer set! They chose so well:)

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Those cups look so pretty, Lucky you are a verrrrrry lucky Mum! ;)

Chris H said...

What lovely cups and saucers, you were very lucky.

Gloria said...

Pretty I just love roses...Saw a sneek peek of the set on FB when talking to Doris.

Corrie said...

congratulations! I just drew you as hte winner of my sherbet pips giveaway! can you drop me an email to with your address and well done! I'll package it up on the weekend!

so excited for you!