Thursday, May 5, 2011

HUGGLES For Ethiopia Started

Finally I have been able to start some teddies for HUGGLES For Ethiopia. I am sure it because the cut off point is the 1st of September, I hadn't started. This has now changed.

I for one don't want to have to rush at the last minute to make my share of these teddies. I want to enjoy making them and think of a child's face smiling as she or he is given a new toy, while I make them.

Dug the felt out of the wardrobe where I store it all. Not sure how I am going to use this for the faces. I do know I'll be using the sewing machine to sew the felt to the material. Going to be using the felt for the Teddy's eyes as well.

Seven cut out ready for faces to be added, stitched and stuffed. One thing I did notice, was I don't have a lot of "boy" fabric. Really need to get some tartan sort of cotton fabric or check for the little guys of this world.

How are your HUGGLES for Ethiopia coming along?? Don't forget to email me for the postal addess where these will be sent to. Amanda knows the lady personally who put the call out for 100 teddies.

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Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Yes, I saw your earlier blog post and thought I had better get started as well. I was thinking of using felt for their faces as well, cutting an oval or round shape, embroider eyes, mouth etc then applique it on to the head area. Can you email me the address some time Lucky, thanks.