Tuesday, May 24, 2011

First HUGGLES Posted

Before I chat about my HUGGLES Appeal I want to show you a bag I made for Barbara on the Our Craft Forum.

I love my bag and thought I would make one for Barbara as well. I used about half a charm pack of Moda's Eva fabric. Also to give it a different look I made ruffled handles and gave the lining a fuller look.

You can buy the pattern though my dear friend Dawn Hay at As Sweet As Cinnamon all money from selling this pattern goes to charity.

Now about my HUGGLES For Kids.

Pack and sent to Amanda in Queensland this morning. My 7 teddies and Maria's 4 she has donated takes my tally to 11 teddies. I know Amanda has been making some, but I am not sure how may she has made.

I'd love to make the 100 mark with your help, but I also understand that things happen in our very busy lives. I am getting ready to be a first time Nanna in the next month, so I too will be busy between a grandson and caring for my hubby full time. If you can't make a teddy, that is okay as well. Maybe you can just keep these children in Ethiopia and their sponsors in your thoughts and prayers.

Even if you only make 1 teddy...that teddy is going to a child who may never had a brand new toy in his/her life.

How amazing will that little teddy be to this child's life and the joy it can bring and the smile on his/her face.

Closing date is the 1st September. Don't forget to let me know when they are ready for posting, as I'll give you Amanda's postal address. That way I don't have to re-post them on to Queensland.

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Liz said...

I like how you made the changes to Barb's bag. YOu are gtting too clever. Love the ruffle handles.