Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cooper Samuel

Very proud to announce the safe arrival 2 weeks early, Cooper Samuel.

8lb 5oz
8.22 pm


Nanna Lucky with her first grandchild.

I am actually really calm about the whole last 2 days. Maybe because, Cooper is going to live just down the road (Nanna can walk if need be) and cos' he's just so oh I don't know.......beautiful.

I can't put into words how both Pat & I are feeling.

I know its been full on and we just had a late tea, thank goodness for crockpots.

Out of interest I knitted a cream jacket and little blue booties with white collars in them.


Maria said...

Congratulations to you all on the safe arrival of Cooper Samuel.

Now you can make him some softies too Nana Lucky.


RobynK said...

Congratulations! Lol, now don't you spoil that boy too much :P.
Congratulate the parents from me and tell Amy if she's going to have such cute babies she'll have to have at least one more :).

wackywoman said...

Cooper is such a handsome guy. What a proud Grandma! Congrantualtions to all!

Donna said...

How exciting and wonderful! Cooper and Nanna are going to have many fun adventures! Congratulations to all!

angela said...

congraulations, and welcome to little Cooper.

Debbie said...

Oh Congratulations on the new arrival:0)
I know the emotions you are both feeling as I am a first time grandma myself only a couple of months is an amazing feeling.

sandra said...

Congratulations Lucky, I love the chosen name and I know you will have such fun with him. Enjoy!!

Narelle said...

BIG Congratulations to both parents. Cooper is just beautiful. Well now all that sewing that you have done can now be used. I can also see some softies going Cooper's way. Congratulations again.
Big Hugs

Chris H said...

Congrats Nana! He is adorable.