Friday, May 6, 2011

BOM For May

This BOM block 5 was finished the day after its release. But I have been a little busy else where and have now found some time to post it.

The little beads in the hexi were bought at Lincraft (also now in Spotlight) and I have been after them for ages. Very excited to think I was able to use some so soon after buying them. I bought a little container of mixed colours, though I do plan on buying other single colour containers as time goes by.

Very much enjoying this BOM and many thanks to Dawn & Vicki for hosting it.

Now for my news.... HUGGLES For Kids is now on Face Book.

Yes, I know....for all you non Face Book people you maybe thinking What the!!!! I thought it was a good way to reach out to other people who may like to make softies but don't follow my blog.

I'd love to be able to pop a "Like" button for HUGGLES For Kids on my side bar, but haven't been able to work that out yet. Not even sure if I can. Time will tell. So until then, click on the HUGGLES photo and it'll take you to the page on Face Book.

You are most welcome if you are on Face Book to "Like" HUGGLES For Kids and follow my softies appeal. Just pop Huggles For Kids in the search bar and up she'll pop.

Spent some time outside cutting out felt faces for the teddies. First one is sewn and stuffed and just the opening to be stitched up. Very happy with the size of the teddy and how it looks.

I'll post a photo here tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Lucky
You can definitely put a LIKE button on your blog - it is in the widgets section I think. You need to get the code from FB and you can get that from the page administrator stuff I think. I did it for my Shave, but I can not remember exactly how. I will try and work it out and get back to you - is that cool?