Friday, May 20, 2011

Bags & A Block.

Trust me the block is I have no idea why some blocks look out of shape in a photo. May's block from Dawn's Mystery Charm Block. Still need to get the applique block made and then stitched. Hope to do this over the weekend.

Sunday is going to be cold and wet, so the weather people tell me. That's okay by me as I'll be at Khris' and she's going to help me with my zipper bags.

You can see here where I went wrong with my last zipper bag. Khris has kindly said she'll give me another lesson in getting those raw edges inside the lining. I think the zipper is what confused me last time... have no problem with bags in getting it all correct.

So my camera will be going with me on Sunday, I can then take some photos as I go.

I scored a few left over bits of "Lovely" by Moda and straight away I thought...... zipper bags. A sewing lady can never have too many of these little fellas.

By Sunday afternoon I hope to have a couple new zipper bags with insides that look like this one. Pretty excited about the whole thought of getting my head around the problem of raw edges in the wrong place.

Its evening now and so I am off to pop a DVD in the machine and get more of block 6 completed in my Breast Of Friends.

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