Monday, May 30, 2011

Seeing Stars Updated

Yesterday at quilting I sewed the sashes to the base of the blocks and today I spent my day putting the chocolate sashes around my blocks as I joined the rows together.

Next to be added to the quilt is an peek a boo border and then a 4 inch boarder. Taking some choices of fabric tomorrow to Dawn's for a pow-wow. If one of those fabric doesn't suit ( which I have a feeling will be the case) I'll have to buy some more chocolate fabric.

If this is what happens, the quilt will be put on hold for a few weeks as I'll need to save to buy the said fabric.

I love the 2 bottom corner blocks, due to the colours I picked they look different to the other blocks....hehehehe

The fabric was bits and pieces I had sitting in my stash and the stars was from fabric I bought in the first few months of quilting and never used it for anything.

I want to learn how to quilt around the stars with my machine. This quilt is a learning quilt, I picked my own block to do and have chosen the size I wanted it to be.

Stay tuned for the next update.

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cooper Samuel

Very proud to announce the safe arrival 2 weeks early, Cooper Samuel.

8lb 5oz
8.22 pm


Nanna Lucky with her first grandchild.

I am actually really calm about the whole last 2 days. Maybe because, Cooper is going to live just down the road (Nanna can walk if need be) and cos' he's just so oh I don't know.......beautiful.

I can't put into words how both Pat & I are feeling.

I know its been full on and we just had a late tea, thank goodness for crockpots.

Out of interest I knitted a cream jacket and little blue booties with white collars in them.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Samelia's Mum is having a give away. Reason I'm letting you know is she has 5 prizes. So please check it out.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

First HUGGLES Posted

Before I chat about my HUGGLES Appeal I want to show you a bag I made for Barbara on the Our Craft Forum.

I love my bag and thought I would make one for Barbara as well. I used about half a charm pack of Moda's Eva fabric. Also to give it a different look I made ruffled handles and gave the lining a fuller look.

You can buy the pattern though my dear friend Dawn Hay at As Sweet As Cinnamon all money from selling this pattern goes to charity.

Now about my HUGGLES For Kids.

Pack and sent to Amanda in Queensland this morning. My 7 teddies and Maria's 4 she has donated takes my tally to 11 teddies. I know Amanda has been making some, but I am not sure how may she has made.

I'd love to make the 100 mark with your help, but I also understand that things happen in our very busy lives. I am getting ready to be a first time Nanna in the next month, so I too will be busy between a grandson and caring for my hubby full time. If you can't make a teddy, that is okay as well. Maybe you can just keep these children in Ethiopia and their sponsors in your thoughts and prayers.

Even if you only make 1 teddy...that teddy is going to a child who may never had a brand new toy in his/her life.

How amazing will that little teddy be to this child's life and the joy it can bring and the smile on his/her face.

Closing date is the 1st September. Don't forget to let me know when they are ready for posting, as I'll give you Amanda's postal address. That way I don't have to re-post them on to Queensland.

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Breast Of Friends Block 6

Finally finished.

This block has been in my books the most challenging of the 6 blocks I have completed.

I decided to embroider the sign post, rather than needle turn. I wasn't confident enough to tackle the needle turn for this part of the block.

Added buttons for the wheels, to put my own style on this block.

I am really pleased this block is finished and that the next block is an easier one.

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Bags & A Block.

Trust me the block is I have no idea why some blocks look out of shape in a photo. May's block from Dawn's Mystery Charm Block. Still need to get the applique block made and then stitched. Hope to do this over the weekend.

Sunday is going to be cold and wet, so the weather people tell me. That's okay by me as I'll be at Khris' and she's going to help me with my zipper bags.

You can see here where I went wrong with my last zipper bag. Khris has kindly said she'll give me another lesson in getting those raw edges inside the lining. I think the zipper is what confused me last time... have no problem with bags in getting it all correct.

So my camera will be going with me on Sunday, I can then take some photos as I go.

I scored a few left over bits of "Lovely" by Moda and straight away I thought...... zipper bags. A sewing lady can never have too many of these little fellas.

By Sunday afternoon I hope to have a couple new zipper bags with insides that look like this one. Pretty excited about the whole thought of getting my head around the problem of raw edges in the wrong place.

Its evening now and so I am off to pop a DVD in the machine and get more of block 6 completed in my Breast Of Friends.

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My Blocks

This month has been a struggle for me to get my BOMs completed. I think it may have something to do with my first grandchild due in about 3 weeks. Doesn't help having Amy telling me its going to be

This photo has been waiting to be posted to show you all. Finally I have a few minutes to sit and post a couple of photos.

Little stitcheries like this are just so relaxing in the evenings, after a busy day. Though of late I tend to just veg out and do nothing. This needs to change and I am happy to say last night I was happy to work on block 6 of my Breast Of Friends.

My sister Debbie was here the other afternoon and I was so pleased to show you our Breast Of Friends blocks we have completed.

Don't they look awesome next to each other?

We had a fun few hours together, Deb worked on her quilt and I made a backing for a quilt for a friend. It was just fun to chat and quilt together like a couple of "young" girls and chat about nothing stressful.

I'm still waiting on fabric to come via the post, 3 projects are waiting to be either started or finished. Its hard to sit and just wait...... but at the same time it makes the arrival even more exciting.

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

How was your Mother's Day yesterday?

Mine was awesome and I so hope yours was too. We had a BBQ at Amy & Ben's place and the weather was fantastic.

Amy & Ben gave me this beautiful bone china cup & saucer set. I have always wanted one as I love my tea from a tea pot and a cuppa in a china cup.

Due to me being such a klutz and breaking things, I have always been like a kid in a candy store......little face pressed up to the window and wishing. I refuse to pay the asking price.

Last dinner set came from the Salvation Army as I won't pay the prices asked at the shops.

I was told there is 2 in case I break one.........gotta love them for thinking about that. I also have strict instructions to use them.

James gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. He knows how to get into the good books with his

I love being a mum and I love Mother's Day.

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Teddy Size

Thought I'd show you the size of the teddy for the HUGGLES For Ethiopia appeal, by placing the first one I have made next to a regular size coffee mug.

Really happy with how well the teddy turned out and the size. Good for placing in a backpack along will a pile of others. Also a good size for little hands to grasp hold of.

The pattern can be found here.

How are your HUGGLES coming along??

Also many thanks to Kylie, as I was able to pop a Face Book link on my side bar and I have had a good response already.

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Friday, May 6, 2011

BOM For May

This BOM block 5 was finished the day after its release. But I have been a little busy else where and have now found some time to post it.

The little beads in the hexi were bought at Lincraft (also now in Spotlight) and I have been after them for ages. Very excited to think I was able to use some so soon after buying them. I bought a little container of mixed colours, though I do plan on buying other single colour containers as time goes by.

Very much enjoying this BOM and many thanks to Dawn & Vicki for hosting it.

Now for my news.... HUGGLES For Kids is now on Face Book.

Yes, I know....for all you non Face Book people you maybe thinking What the!!!! I thought it was a good way to reach out to other people who may like to make softies but don't follow my blog.

I'd love to be able to pop a "Like" button for HUGGLES For Kids on my side bar, but haven't been able to work that out yet. Not even sure if I can. Time will tell. So until then, click on the HUGGLES photo and it'll take you to the page on Face Book.

You are most welcome if you are on Face Book to "Like" HUGGLES For Kids and follow my softies appeal. Just pop Huggles For Kids in the search bar and up she'll pop.

Spent some time outside cutting out felt faces for the teddies. First one is sewn and stuffed and just the opening to be stitched up. Very happy with the size of the teddy and how it looks.

I'll post a photo here tomorrow.

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

HUGGLES For Ethiopia Started

Finally I have been able to start some teddies for HUGGLES For Ethiopia. I am sure it because the cut off point is the 1st of September, I hadn't started. This has now changed.

I for one don't want to have to rush at the last minute to make my share of these teddies. I want to enjoy making them and think of a child's face smiling as she or he is given a new toy, while I make them.

Dug the felt out of the wardrobe where I store it all. Not sure how I am going to use this for the faces. I do know I'll be using the sewing machine to sew the felt to the material. Going to be using the felt for the Teddy's eyes as well.

Seven cut out ready for faces to be added, stitched and stuffed. One thing I did notice, was I don't have a lot of "boy" fabric. Really need to get some tartan sort of cotton fabric or check for the little guys of this world.

How are your HUGGLES for Ethiopia coming along?? Don't forget to email me for the postal addess where these will be sent to. Amanda knows the lady personally who put the call out for 100 teddies.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

String Quilt

One thing I had learnt rather quickly when I started quilting, was never throw out your scraps.

They might just come in handy one day for other projects.

Well today I think I started my first official UFO. How about that, after 2 year and 4 months, I have a real honest to goodness UFO.

Not all these scraps are mine....lots have been given to me either when we have been working and sewing together or yep, sent to me in the

Some of this wadding are scraps from when as a group we made 16 quilts for the Queensland Flood survivors.

I'm going with the biggest square I have in the sewing room..... 6.5 inches. One day I hope to own a bigger square.

Made 2 this afternoon. Figured I'd sew 4 together to make a big block and then use some yummy gold/mustard/ what ever colour it is for the sashing. That too was given to

After I tidied up the mess, I then started cutting out Teddy Bear shapes for the HUGGLES for Ethiopia. Took some photos but I will share them, in the up coming days.

Waiting on an order of fabric to arrive, so I figured a good afternoon on these 2 projects was the way to go.

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Daniel's Quilt Finished

I am so proud to show you Daniel's quilt, that I have only just finished off the binding.

So proud of this quilt as its all done by me. Except for some cutting Khris did, while I ironed her beautiful fat 1/4 pack of some lovely Moda fabric. Yeah I know we are a bit on the strange

Love, love, love that little red border. I so think its makes the quilt and draws out the colour of the watering can as well as the ducklings webbed feet and their little beaks.

I want to show the girls before I take it next door, so hope he gets the quilt before he heads off to uni.

Almost wishing I was 3 weeks I could keep the quilt...hehehehe

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Swaps From Terri & Michell

Love swaps, don't you?

I have 2 here for you to see. First is a mug wrap & coaster from Terri and the second is a bag swap from Michell.

What I love about Terri's wrap and coaster is ....its reversible. So one day I may feel like birds and one day the side the little birds make the fabric look like hearts. Thanks Terri I so love it.

The bag swap came all the way from New Zealand.

Love the bag me and I can see myself using this bag heaps. Going to look so cool at the markets.

A cute magnet of hens.

Oohhhh a charm pack...on cute little barn buddies. That is already tucked away safe and sound. Maybe a quilt to use here at my place, for my little grandson??????

Gotta love this fabric. How cute are these animals.

Thank you so much girls I have so enjoyed receiving them. I love them all.

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