Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Teddy's Garden Treasures

I want you to picture me in your head.........eek

Sitting in my sewing room, looking at my coat hangers and thinking, do I really, really REALLY need to start another quilt????

I can think of 100 reasons for starting this quilt.

Lets take a look at those reasons.....
  • I have an empty coat hanger
  • There is only 10 blocks to it
  • Love the theme
  • Its so cute
  • So pretty
  • Love stitchery blocks

But is this enough to convince me I should start this quilt?

I love to sit at night and do my stitchery blocks. Beginning of the months are my favourite time as I have all my little BOMs I am involved in.

So for fun I have a poll on the side are most welcome to vote to help me decide.

But I must say.......I may not listen to what you

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Maria said...

Whaere can you get this pretty little stitchery please ?????

Karen Mallory said...

You know you want too!! :)
I am sure the poll will be a majority of YES! You have our support as quilters and stitchers!
hugs Karen

Khris said...

I want to know the "100"
Hugs Khris

Diana said...

Oh yes go for it Mrs Huggles, I love it.

Chris H said...

Well it's a very pretty quilt.. I hope you do start it.

la fattoria degli Hobby di Simona said...

yes yes yes

bye Simona