Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Teddy's Garden Treasures A Goer

Yes the Teddy's Garden Treasure is a goer and I had done as much as what I could. Today I was able to buy the rest of the skeins of DMC thread needed for the blocks.

So tonight I can sit and relax with my Supernatural DVDs and continue the stitchery.

I have decided the recipient for this quilt, will be my beautiful daughter, Amy. Who along with hubby Ben will be first time parents in 8 weeks.

What a beautiful Christmas present this quilt will make for Amy. She's doesn't look at my blogs, so she'll have no idea what I am planning. I want her first Christmas with bub to be an extra special one. With a gift extra special from her dad and myself and as Amy loves her Teddy's, I think its purr-fect.

This coming Saturday is baby shower party time. I wanted a couple of little extra items to go with the baby quilt I made for bubs. This flannelet fabric will be used on the back of some baby bibs I want to make, tomorrow afternoon.

Non of those soft pastel colours for my grandson.......nope, bright colours on the front and numbers & letters on the back. Pat picked this fabric out and I thought it was a fabulous print.

Well I'm off now to sit and relax after a fun and full day.

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Renny's little things said...

You hope she dosn't read it!!!

it will be fab

Chris H said...

OOO how exciting, a new baby for your family.
How about a photo of the front of the baby quilt?