Sunday, April 24, 2011

Show & Tell

Boy I so must love stitchery things as I have a few to show you today. These are usually done on Tuesday mornings and in the evenings. I leave the afternoons for my sewing machine.

Life Is Beautiful has really given me the needle turn bug. This one has been finished for a while now, just hadn't gotten round to taking a photo of it.

Finished this one last night, while watching the Ten Commandants on TV. Not sure yet if I am going to put these stitcheries together following the pattern or by making square blocks out of them. I'll decide at the piecing together time.

Block 4 completed in Teddy's Garden Treasures. I now have all the blocks cut out and placed with the block patterns. Block 1 is already hanging on the wall with the centre nearly completed. Then the arbor is to be stitched and then that one is finished as well.

Picked up this metre of Civil War reproduction fabric last week at Hettie's Patch. I grew up on western movies and so love the American history. There is even a blog I follow called Civil War Quilts and will choose some blocks from them to make a quilt for myself. Looking at doing this in a couple of years time.

I thought I had posted a photo of the backing fabric I bought, but I couldn't find it on my blog. So here it is........Love it.!!!!!

Bit more fabric for Pat's birthday quilt was bought last week at Hettie's as well.

That all my show and tell for this post. Lots happening and hope your getting some sewing done in your house.

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Quilt Kitty said...

Beautiful stitching! Tracee xx

wackywoman said...

No sewing getting done here. Sigh.... Love all of yours though.

Karen's Korner said...

Fabulous stitching and nice pick up in the fabric department.

angela said...

they look fantastic! Well done, I love stitcheries too. the can be done anywhere and anytime.

Donna said...

Love your stitching.

Margarita said...

Love that teddy bear one Leanne, lovely stitching.

Chris H said...

They are gorgeous! I have not done any 'stitchery'... but will one day I'm sure.
Happy Easter Chick.