Sunday, April 3, 2011

Needle Turn

Raise your hand if you like needle turn. My hand is up in the air, is yours?

Block 6 in Breast Of Friends is a block with needle turn.

On Friday I spent most of the day working on this car. Looks good, not a bad job if I can say this.

Couple of problems though......sigh.

Too much green as I was going to use a fabric with green grass for the hill. Far too much green, even for this green freak.

Also the hill should have been put on first.

So last night I did what all fussy quilters do....... no I didn't throw it in the

I unpicked the car and started from scratch again.

I love needle turn and I was so please with how secure the car was when I removed it. Last night I sewed the hill on and am happy with the end result.

Not sure what colour the car will be, you'll have to wait and see......chuckle

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sandra said...

I call that VERY patient Lucky. I'd have gone without a hill.

Nicole said...

Can't wait to see more of it.

Khris said...

ohh you unpicked are a patient girl...hugs Khris