Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter With Thoughts of Christmas

Hot out the oven.

How is your Easter going so far??? Mine is coasting along rather beautifully and today Ben & Amy came for Easter lunch, as tomorrow they are with Ben's family.

Had a few precious seconds with my grandson as I was able to feel him rocking and rolling in Amy's tummy. I am just so busting to be a

Jame was coming over but messaged me saying he was sick and thought staying away would be a good idea.Turns out he got food poisoning from his fish & chips he had last night for Good Friday. So he and Tamara are over on Monday night for a hot meal. Yay.

Chatting with the kids today I have worked out what I am giving Ben's parents for Christmas this year.

Yeah I know.....Easter bunny hasn't even come yet and I am off in another month of the year.

Thing is I am never excited about Christmas, now the kids are all grown up and left home.

Sales and who's buying for who and how big is the present. Takes all the fun out of it when I hear what lengths people go to. It hurts to go to the shops day after New Years day and see hot cross buns in the shops..... and people buying them!!!!! ....Its all about the all mighty $$$$.

In our house we see Christmas as a time for family and reflection of the meaning of Christmas. Presents are given from the heart, no matter how small they are.

Anyhow....... quilts seem to be the go for presents this year. I have to remember that both Amy & Anne are friend on Face Book ( as they should be....heheh) and not to let it slip there.

So its standing at the very follows

  • Amy........ stitchery quilt
  • James .... appliqued quilt with funny weeds on it .....oh geez why wouldn't he take one with stars or log cabins on it???? Oh no, not my son....sigh.
  • Anne & Tony....thinking those raggy quilts made with flannel fabric.
That just leaves the hubby and the ankle biter for presents. Christmas is all sorted and now I just need to pull my finger out and get them started.

I love giving homemade gifts and I so love to receive them.

See what happens when I help out a dear friend and she teaches me how to make quilts!!!!!

For the first time in years I am so excited about Easter and Christmas and I think its due to a little fella who is going to meet his overly excited Nanna in about 6 weeks time.

Have a wonderful Easter guys and tomorrow I am hoping to have some show and tell photos.


Shirlwin said...

Mmmm Yummy hot cross buns! Like you I absolutely hate seeing them for sale before the New Year and refuse to buy them until the week before Easter.
Oh to be so organised for Christmas, but it is wonderful what a new grandie does!!
Happy Easter:)

Renny's little things said...

i'm eggcited for you too....your gonna be a great nanna
Loves ya

wackywoman said...

Those buns do look good. Happy Easter. Marilyn

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Happy Easter to you, too! Lucky those hot cross buns look yummy!!!
I agree with you about the shops having them in January- how ridiculous- better to just buy a fruit loaf! We get ours from our local bakery, but only this week!!! They are really nice and not overly spiced. :)

RobynK said...

Lucky, 'breathe', calm down. Think of all the things you can make for bubs after he's born! I see you've been busy creating lovely stitcheries and more blocks :). I have plans for Christmas but I'll need some more fabric to start some of them.

Chris H said...

How excited you must be! A new grandbaby is always special.
Have a wonderful Easter and yes, your hot cross buns look delightful.