Saturday, April 30, 2011

Daniel's Quilt

Daniel's quilt is very slowly coming together, due to my fussiness in looking for a red/rust colour to match the watering cans in the panels.

I found it at Hettie's Patch and its called Tomato (colour number 42) by Bella solids from Moda. Starting a book with a scrap piece of fabric with all info on the brand, colour name and any numbers for future orders. Best part is the fabric didn't even run when I washed it by hand.

So love Moda.

Finished off the quilting in the ditch this morning and all that is left to do it trim back the edges and the bind it.

I was talking to my cat Lucky about the journey I am taking. As its the biggest quilt I have quilted so far. Thought I did help Dawn use her long arm quilting machine for the Queensland flood quilts.

I can see where I need to fine tune the pinning of the quilt and I know this will improve with practice. Said to Lucky it could have been the little bit tighter, but I have no intentions of unpicking all the quilting.

Also I need to not be so hard on myself, striving for the purr-fect finish. Hoping the awesome look of the quilt will over shadow the couple of areas where the fabric doesn't sit as well as the rest of the quilt.

I don't think Lucky was very impressed in me sharing my thoughts with her as she poked her tongue out at me when I took her photo.

Well back to the quilt and next time you see it, the quilt will be finished.

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creativedawn said...

Daniel's quilt is looking good!!!