Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Start of another month is upon us and this means BOMs are available for downloading and then enjoying being stitched.

I was just so excited when I saw Vicki's teacups and popping Dawn's strawberry next to it reminds me of a lovely Devonshire tea somewhere in the Adelaide Hills. I complete this BOM out the back in the beautiful autumn sunshine.

This block is number 4 and such a joy to stitch. Love blue china plates and straight away decided to use the blue fabric from my honey bun.

Finally finished last years mystery BOM that Dawn was running through "our craft forum". Its been completed for nearly a fortnight, but I wanted to show Dawn first.

On the back is a signature block I made and have listed the year and who made the blocks for me.

I'm thinking if I hadn't put the snap-lock bag that was storing the blocks up on a coat hanger, they would be still sitting on the cupboard.

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Jude said...

looking good lucky and the table runner is really beautiful.

Chris H said...

YOu make the most beautiful blocks and things girl! *drool*