Saturday, April 30, 2011

Daniel's Quilt

Daniel's quilt is very slowly coming together, due to my fussiness in looking for a red/rust colour to match the watering cans in the panels.

I found it at Hettie's Patch and its called Tomato (colour number 42) by Bella solids from Moda. Starting a book with a scrap piece of fabric with all info on the brand, colour name and any numbers for future orders. Best part is the fabric didn't even run when I washed it by hand.

So love Moda.

Finished off the quilting in the ditch this morning and all that is left to do it trim back the edges and the bind it.

I was talking to my cat Lucky about the journey I am taking. As its the biggest quilt I have quilted so far. Thought I did help Dawn use her long arm quilting machine for the Queensland flood quilts.

I can see where I need to fine tune the pinning of the quilt and I know this will improve with practice. Said to Lucky it could have been the little bit tighter, but I have no intentions of unpicking all the quilting.

Also I need to not be so hard on myself, striving for the purr-fect finish. Hoping the awesome look of the quilt will over shadow the couple of areas where the fabric doesn't sit as well as the rest of the quilt.

I don't think Lucky was very impressed in me sharing my thoughts with her as she poked her tongue out at me when I took her photo.

Well back to the quilt and next time you see it, the quilt will be finished.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Star Blocks Finished

All 20 star blocks have been now made and ready to have the sashes added. I just have to wait for the fabric to arrive I ordered.

You will notice the corner blocks are pieced together with 3 colours and not 2. Thought I would just be a bit different in that area.

Very happy with the blocks and Patrick was rather impressed when I had them spread out on the floor. Pat did ask me where this quilt was going and I was very proud to say, in our lounge room.

Guess it'll be a race to who gets to use it first each, Pat or the

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Show & Tell

Boy I so must love stitchery things as I have a few to show you today. These are usually done on Tuesday mornings and in the evenings. I leave the afternoons for my sewing machine.

Life Is Beautiful has really given me the needle turn bug. This one has been finished for a while now, just hadn't gotten round to taking a photo of it.

Finished this one last night, while watching the Ten Commandants on TV. Not sure yet if I am going to put these stitcheries together following the pattern or by making square blocks out of them. I'll decide at the piecing together time.

Block 4 completed in Teddy's Garden Treasures. I now have all the blocks cut out and placed with the block patterns. Block 1 is already hanging on the wall with the centre nearly completed. Then the arbor is to be stitched and then that one is finished as well.

Picked up this metre of Civil War reproduction fabric last week at Hettie's Patch. I grew up on western movies and so love the American history. There is even a blog I follow called Civil War Quilts and will choose some blocks from them to make a quilt for myself. Looking at doing this in a couple of years time.

I thought I had posted a photo of the backing fabric I bought, but I couldn't find it on my blog. So here it is........Love it.!!!!!

Bit more fabric for Pat's birthday quilt was bought last week at Hettie's as well.

That all my show and tell for this post. Lots happening and hope your getting some sewing done in your house.

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter With Thoughts of Christmas

Hot out the oven.

How is your Easter going so far??? Mine is coasting along rather beautifully and today Ben & Amy came for Easter lunch, as tomorrow they are with Ben's family.

Had a few precious seconds with my grandson as I was able to feel him rocking and rolling in Amy's tummy. I am just so busting to be a

Jame was coming over but messaged me saying he was sick and thought staying away would be a good idea.Turns out he got food poisoning from his fish & chips he had last night for Good Friday. So he and Tamara are over on Monday night for a hot meal. Yay.

Chatting with the kids today I have worked out what I am giving Ben's parents for Christmas this year.

Yeah I know.....Easter bunny hasn't even come yet and I am off in another month of the year.

Thing is I am never excited about Christmas, now the kids are all grown up and left home.

Sales and who's buying for who and how big is the present. Takes all the fun out of it when I hear what lengths people go to. It hurts to go to the shops day after New Years day and see hot cross buns in the shops..... and people buying them!!!!! ....Its all about the all mighty $$$$.

In our house we see Christmas as a time for family and reflection of the meaning of Christmas. Presents are given from the heart, no matter how small they are.

Anyhow....... quilts seem to be the go for presents this year. I have to remember that both Amy & Anne are friend on Face Book ( as they should be....heheh) and not to let it slip there.

So its standing at the very follows

  • Amy........ stitchery quilt
  • James .... appliqued quilt with funny weeds on it .....oh geez why wouldn't he take one with stars or log cabins on it???? Oh no, not my son....sigh.
  • Anne & Tony....thinking those raggy quilts made with flannel fabric.
That just leaves the hubby and the ankle biter for presents. Christmas is all sorted and now I just need to pull my finger out and get them started.

I love giving homemade gifts and I so love to receive them.

See what happens when I help out a dear friend and she teaches me how to make quilts!!!!!

For the first time in years I am so excited about Easter and Christmas and I think its due to a little fella who is going to meet his overly excited Nanna in about 6 weeks time.

Have a wonderful Easter guys and tomorrow I am hoping to have some show and tell photos.

Monday, April 18, 2011

I Had A Dream

Even as a little girl I would dream of being able to embroider bullions. Well I am so proud to say that this dream has been fulfilled. Over the last 12 months I have dabbled here and there with bullions.

Look at how far I have come with this stunning style of embroidery.

Linda is the owner of this months hexi and I have taken the step and designed this month's myself.

I am so proud of the whole hexi from the flowers I picked to how well I have embroidered them.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

April's BOMs

All my BOMs are completed for this month. Such a joy to sit and stitch at night.

Santa has had a bit too much eggnog I think. He's standing a bit too far to the left. But otherwise I am happy with how these have turned out.

Love blue china and so when I saw Vicki's teacups as one of the stitches for this month, how could I not stitch it! I see the strawberry as a jam with a yummy hot scone for it to be spread on.

Easy foundation block this month. Loved the block.

The left over fabric was used for this block.

I still have a hexi block to make, but I'll think about that one after this weekend as tomorrow is my daughter, Amy's baby shower. I am too excited to be thinking about starting anything new.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Baby Bibs

Made these yesterday afternoon and finished them off today.

I wanted a little extra item for the baby shower on the weekend. So I thought some baby bibs would be a excellent extra.

So love the dog fabric....should have done cats instead though ......heheheh

Pat picked out the ABC/123 flannelet fabric from Spotlight on Tuesday. Feels so soft when handling the bibs.

I'll ask Amy on Saturday if she would like some more made. But she'll have to let me know if the bibs are too loud for her and Ben to dress their baby in.

Me I was always dressing the kids in bright items when babies.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Teddy's Garden Treasures A Goer

Yes the Teddy's Garden Treasure is a goer and I had done as much as what I could. Today I was able to buy the rest of the skeins of DMC thread needed for the blocks.

So tonight I can sit and relax with my Supernatural DVDs and continue the stitchery.

I have decided the recipient for this quilt, will be my beautiful daughter, Amy. Who along with hubby Ben will be first time parents in 8 weeks.

What a beautiful Christmas present this quilt will make for Amy. She's doesn't look at my blogs, so she'll have no idea what I am planning. I want her first Christmas with bub to be an extra special one. With a gift extra special from her dad and myself and as Amy loves her Teddy's, I think its purr-fect.

This coming Saturday is baby shower party time. I wanted a couple of little extra items to go with the baby quilt I made for bubs. This flannelet fabric will be used on the back of some baby bibs I want to make, tomorrow afternoon.

Non of those soft pastel colours for my grandson.......nope, bright colours on the front and numbers & letters on the back. Pat picked this fabric out and I thought it was a fabulous print.

Well I'm off now to sit and relax after a fun and full day.

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fabulous Sunday

I had a fabulous Sunday sewing more star blocks together. Over at Khris' place I was able to spread the blocks out on her floor. No animals of any kind to run through them or fur on the floor.

At the start of the day I had 8 blocks completed. These had been made either on a previous day at Khris' or at home. Had some fun placing them in different spots and seeing how they looked.

Then I settled down and sewed another 4 blocks that I had cut up about seven days ago.

Now I have twelve blocks made and after chatting with Khris, Dawn and Terry I decided to make another 3 to match the bottom middle block. Can you see how the four 3.5 inch corner blocks are a different colour??

I cut another 3 blocks in that style but different colours and managed to get 2 of them sewn up. Haven't taken a photo of them yet.

Looking at having 4 blocks wide and 5 blocks down. We played with some of Khris' solid fabric for the sashing and the chocolate brown looks the best and brought the colours out in the block.

By this time I was the only one left at Khris' and it was time to head home.

I love my 2 days out with the girls. I get so much sewn be it stitchery blocks at Dawn's or machine sewn at Khris'.

On today's menu we had homemade pumpkin soup with hot bread rolls for lunch. Next weekend I'll take some of my famous sausage rolls to add towards our wonderful yummy lunches we always have there.

Guess you are wondering if I am going to make the Teddy's Garden Treasures quilt? Yes I am and guess what I am not keeping it.

Who is going to be receiving this quilt when its finished? You will have to wait until later in the week to find

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Star Cushion Finished

I've had a very productive afternoon, spending a few hours finishing off my latest cushion.

Using the left over Aster Manor (Moda) fabrics from my wall hanger.

The back is my own idea as I have found out how cool zippers are. Plus once again only left over fabric was used.

Starting to get a nice collection of cushions in the lounge room now.

You can find the pattern by Heather Lownds in Country Threads Vol 11 No 2.

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No Green Car

The other day I showed you block 6 of the Breast of Friends quilt and how I wasn't happy with the green car.

After unpicking the car and starting from scratch again, I am so happy with the results. Wheels on the car will be buttons rather than fabric.

I think it is an improvement on the other photo and look at my sewing machine. I though an old black singer machine and some pink thread would be the go.

Very pleased I was able to stitch the word "quilt" and to be able to read it as that word.

Not sure about the sign post yet. Going to leave this till last. I am thinking the needle turn maybe a bit on the small side for me to grasp and have look tidy.

Anyway happy with the end result. Thinking that as time goes by my needle turn will improve even more. Well that is the plan.

Now I have a date with making some scones for morning tea and then finish off my star cushion.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Teddy's Garden Treasures

I want you to picture me in your head.........eek

Sitting in my sewing room, looking at my coat hangers and thinking, do I really, really REALLY need to start another quilt????

I can think of 100 reasons for starting this quilt.

Lets take a look at those reasons.....
  • I have an empty coat hanger
  • There is only 10 blocks to it
  • Love the theme
  • Its so cute
  • So pretty
  • Love stitchery blocks

But is this enough to convince me I should start this quilt?

I love to sit at night and do my stitchery blocks. Beginning of the months are my favourite time as I have all my little BOMs I am involved in.

So for fun I have a poll on the side are most welcome to vote to help me decide.

But I must say.......I may not listen to what you

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Start of another month is upon us and this means BOMs are available for downloading and then enjoying being stitched.

I was just so excited when I saw Vicki's teacups and popping Dawn's strawberry next to it reminds me of a lovely Devonshire tea somewhere in the Adelaide Hills. I complete this BOM out the back in the beautiful autumn sunshine.

This block is number 4 and such a joy to stitch. Love blue china plates and straight away decided to use the blue fabric from my honey bun.

Finally finished last years mystery BOM that Dawn was running through "our craft forum". Its been completed for nearly a fortnight, but I wanted to show Dawn first.

On the back is a signature block I made and have listed the year and who made the blocks for me.

I'm thinking if I hadn't put the snap-lock bag that was storing the blocks up on a coat hanger, they would be still sitting on the cupboard.

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