Friday, March 11, 2011

Meet Hettie

As I said in yesterday's post I was going to try and make a turtle pincushion. Last night I picked out some fabric and got my sewing bag ready for today. Decided to use some Moda fabric that I was sent by a lovely lady late last year.

Figured seeing I am such a Moda junkie could I not use Moda to make my little helper.

Taking my time cutting out fabric from the "Nature's Chorus" I was getting pretty excited about mine looking like Khris' little fella.

Coming together rather nicely and starting to take shape.

Next came stuffing the body.

Ow ow ow!!!!

Get that fiber stuffing into the body!! After awhile my finger started to hurt and as I had left my chop stick home, I ended up borrowing Khris'.

A little tip Khris told me. When stuffing softies is to spray the fabric with water and it'll have a better shape at the end of the stuffing session.

Hettie on the left and "him" on the right. I don't think "him" has a name. I called her Hettie as I love to visit a local quilting shop called "Hettie's Patch".

Already working her little shell off, with some pins in her shell.

I am very excited about making Hettie as after all the rewarding effort we put into the flood appeal, having a bit of fun was just such a buzz.

Shhhhh.... I have an elephant pincushion pattern as well. Hhmmm this could become an addictive problem.

You're only limited by your imagination.

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Michell said...

They look neat. Love the fabric you used

Linda said...

So cute! You've done a great job :)

Maria said...

Love her. Thanks for the tip on how to get a better shape when stuffing.

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

So cute, maybe he could be called Harry, good tip about spraying the fabric with water, must remember that.

wackywoman said...

Very, very cute.

Tracy said...

Those are SO cute! :) I love them! :)

creativedawn said...

That's so cool! love them!!!


miss~nance said...

Oh how cute is Hettie.

Hugs & blessings


Chris H said...

Too cute!

Annie said...

Hettie is toooo cute!!

susanm said...

Love Hettie and friend.

Gloria said...

Very cute Lucky the sound effects of the stuffing too..