Thursday, March 17, 2011

HUGGLES For Ethiopia

Today I was contacted by Amanda who is a member of our C-R-A-F-T Group with a request for HUGGLES For Ethiopia.

Compassion (releasing children from poverty) in conjunction with Catalyst Church in Ipswich sponsor children in Ethiopia. If you click on their link above it will take you to information on their mission.

This link will give you some information on Grace Centres.

Amanda sent me this email...

I was so inspired by your efforts with the Huggles, I shared with some wonderful friends in church who run the Ethiopia missions trips from our church.
they have about 80-90 sponsor children that they (or our church) look after (sponsor). when our teams go over to Ethiopia once or even twice a year sometimes, they spend quite a lot of time with the kids.

I had a crazy idea of seeing if our group and mostly your contacts of Huggles makers could over the next 5 months make Huggles for the team to take over to the has so much potential to help these darling little kids, just like the healing they would have done for the kids of Grantham...

here is Emma's reply when I put the question of whether they could do with some Huggles for the kids...

Part of an email below from Em, in response with the news.

Straight away I got a sense of joy in my spirit about these little toys.

We don’t often carry toys- but there is something very cute and very special about these ones. (and they would be brand new)

I think it would be AMAZING if we could take one for each sponsor children. A big ask but if they are up to it I know we could make the room and add them to the gift packs we give the kids and I have a real feeling that they will be cherished for many years by our kids.

So I say YES YES YES if they could make up to 100 and any spares we would either give out at Grace or along the road. But if they could keep it to all the same size and maybe something familiar like colorful teddy shapes . But big enough to cuddle but small enough to not take up too much room. If they can’t commit to 75 at least then we can just use them at Grace or along the road…

Luv ya Em

HUGGLES For Kids is going to help these amazing young people in their quest for some donations. How awesome will it be to have them arrive with a brand new toy softies to HUGGLE and for this HUGGLE to be a child's very own toy.

Due to the backpacks, size will be a big factor and also what kind of HUGGLE is made. With the country being Muslim, a teddy is a safe item as it shouldn't offend anyone.

You can get your very easy and cute teddy pattern here. That is the actual size of the teddy, it prints out onto a A4 sheet of paper spot on.

I ask that the following be taken into count when making your teddies.

  • Bright colours
  • Embroidered or drawn on eyes, nose & mouth.
  • No items that can be removed by little fingers and put into mouths.
These teddies will be given to children of all ages.

Closing off date is 1st of September as this will give time for the teddies to be given to the people who will take them over on the 15th of September.

These can be posted straight to Amanda. Email me and I'll send you her postal address .

Can you help me out??? We're hoping to have 100 HUGGLES for these children and any extras will go to the Grace Centres.

I'm starting my HUGGLE teddies on the weekend.......

You're only limited by your imagination.

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Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

I should be able to make a couple at least Lucky, it's nearly 6 months away so plenty of time.

Linda said...

Would love to help. I'm hoping the relentless heat here will go soon and I can really get into sewing again!

Dawn said...

Oh Yes Lucky...what an honour....would you like us to send them to you or straight to EM...
Huggles Dawn x x

Renny's little things said...

Count me Lucky. You ar ea fantastic lady to start this up and except the challenge
Cheers and Hugs to you Geniene XX