Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fabric By Mail

I was so excited today as mail came for me in the form of 6 yards of fabric from The Old Country Store.

Our next door neighbours are having their 2nd baby today and we have been told its going to be a boy.

8 pm and no sign of the proud dad yet. Hope all has gone okay today for them.

With their first baby I gave them some hand knitted baby jackets and this time round I thought a quilt would be a lovely gift.

Their little girl just adores my ducks and so that is the theme I am using for the quilt.

Its a Hoot by Moda. Love the colours and the best part is, I have seen the fabric range at a friend's place and so ordering the right fabric was easy as.

Essential Dots by Moda.....a great "filler" and so I ordered 3 colours to make the postage with while.

After a play with the fabrics I have picked the above colours to go with the duck fabric. I have had this duck fabric for about 18 months and now its going to be put to good use.

Yellow dots will be used for the binding and the green fabric next to it on the front and the green Essential Dots for the back of the quilt.

My mind is on overload with ideas on how to make the quilt. There are 6 little blocks of ducklings and so I'll leave them as a larger block and fill in with the other fabrics.

Must remember to make sure the label is made and put on too.

I am just so excited about the idea of making another quilt.

You're only limited by your imagination.

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Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Looks like you have made good fabric and colour choices Lucky. What was the postage cost for your fabric?

Maria said...

So nice to see you make a baby quilt in those colours. Different from always being blue.
Looking forward to seeing the quilt finished.

wackywoman said...

That fabric is going to tell you exactly what to do with it. So darn cute!

Karen Mallory said...

Great fabric Leanne! I love to make baby quilts! The duckies are so cute.
hugs Karen

creativedawn said...

I like these colors...very chill, lol! look forward to seeing the finished quilt.
Hope all is well with the baby; you know they like to take their OWN time coming along...lol

bon008 said...

Those ducklings are just gorgeous! And I love seeing a baby get a colour to look at other than pink/blue :)

Chris H said...

How cute is that duck fabric!!!!