Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dear Jane Block A-4

Spent most of this afternoon, working on a Dear Jane block. I'm thinking as I sit here in front of my laptop....... Geez I hope that all goes and fits together at the end of this journey I am taking.

Just think in ex amount of years down the track and oops! Its not gonna go together to flash.

I think I am just tired from this bug I have pick up somewhere. Or maybe its the 22 pieces of fabric I have just fussed over and the fact I am just rambling???

Love the colour I have chosen for this block. I had to unpick it back almost to the start as the cross wasn't level and it looked dickie. Wasn't that a load of fun? Could have left the block with the cross out of kilter. Mind you it would have mocked me from the folder I keep these all in.

So I sat and pulled the block apart. Must say it doesn't take as long to undo and fix as what a cable jumper can.

A-4 Courtney's Stethoscope all finished and now tomorrow, I'll see if I can have a crack at another block.

You're only limited by your imagination.

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Of Hexies & Dear Jane

Even though I have been sick I have taken advantage of the sitting round the house and catching up with some hexi making. These little guys are rather addictive and fun to make.

This pincushion only took me Thursday afternoon and evening to cut out, make the hexies and sew the top and bottom hexies together. Then yesterday at quilting I finished the pincushion off and now its ready to be used in my sewing room.

That cute little turtle I made the other week lives in the lounge room next to my chair. This one is going to be used for my quilting flat pins as they have a longer needle.

I used half a charm pack of "Buttercup" from Moda for the project.

Made these 2 hexies for Geniene in our flower hexi monthly swap. Just need now to get them into the mail.

These are the hexies I have been sent in the swap. I've started to join them together as I want to make a big quilt from them.

These 2 above projects were great little easy items to do while not well. I was for most of it, able to curl up in my chair and just resting and sewing them together.

Another Dear Jane block made. Hoping to have another 2 made by Tuesday. This block along with the pincushion were either made or completed over at my usual Friday haunt at Khris' place.

Something about getting a good days quilting done outside one's own environment and distractions.

You're only limited by your imagination.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Seeing Stars

If you haven't already guessed...I love animals and am rather passionate about my cats. Free loading little buggers they are. mrgreen

I made the top 2 and the bottom left hand block at quilting yesterday. Amazing how much a person can get done outside their own environment.

Back years ago I made a crocheted blanket with left over scraps of wool from years of knitting jumpers. The rug is hung over the lounge as the cats tend to like laying there. This works as a lounge cover, as its easier to wash that than the fabric on the lounge.

Cats adore wool and they are just so cute when they sprawl out across the top of the lounge and sleep.

This then caused a problem, as when I want to use the blanket, do I want all their fur as well to keep me warm?? Their fur tends to work its way into the threads of the yarn.

One day I had this amazing idea wink and the quilt is now being made.

Blocks are about 12 inches square and I am looking at making 15 of them and seeing how big it is. Then I'll decide if it needs more before the border goes on.

Fabric I am using is from my stash and none is being bought for this project. The floral fabric I bought way back at the start in 2008 and its not getting picked for anything. So I thought they'd look nice as the stars and use other fabric for the background.

What I am hoping to learn from this journey?

  • Practice my points.
  • Working with colours
  • Thinking outside my box

What I am hoping the cats will learn?

  • That mummy loves them
  • Its not their quilt
  • If mummy wants to use it....that is ok and not to give her that hurt look

You're only limited by your imagination.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

HUGGLES For Ethiopia

Today I was contacted by Amanda who is a member of our C-R-A-F-T Group with a request for HUGGLES For Ethiopia.

Compassion (releasing children from poverty) in conjunction with Catalyst Church in Ipswich sponsor children in Ethiopia. If you click on their link above it will take you to information on their mission.

This link will give you some information on Grace Centres.

Amanda sent me this email...

I was so inspired by your efforts with the Huggles, I shared with some wonderful friends in church who run the Ethiopia missions trips from our church.
they have about 80-90 sponsor children that they (or our church) look after (sponsor). when our teams go over to Ethiopia once or even twice a year sometimes, they spend quite a lot of time with the kids.

I had a crazy idea of seeing if our group and mostly your contacts of Huggles makers could over the next 5 months make Huggles for the team to take over to the has so much potential to help these darling little kids, just like the healing they would have done for the kids of Grantham...

here is Emma's reply when I put the question of whether they could do with some Huggles for the kids...

Part of an email below from Em, in response with the news.

Straight away I got a sense of joy in my spirit about these little toys.

We don’t often carry toys- but there is something very cute and very special about these ones. (and they would be brand new)

I think it would be AMAZING if we could take one for each sponsor children. A big ask but if they are up to it I know we could make the room and add them to the gift packs we give the kids and I have a real feeling that they will be cherished for many years by our kids.

So I say YES YES YES if they could make up to 100 and any spares we would either give out at Grace or along the road. But if they could keep it to all the same size and maybe something familiar like colorful teddy shapes . But big enough to cuddle but small enough to not take up too much room. If they can’t commit to 75 at least then we can just use them at Grace or along the road…

Luv ya Em

HUGGLES For Kids is going to help these amazing young people in their quest for some donations. How awesome will it be to have them arrive with a brand new toy softies to HUGGLE and for this HUGGLE to be a child's very own toy.

Due to the backpacks, size will be a big factor and also what kind of HUGGLE is made. With the country being Muslim, a teddy is a safe item as it shouldn't offend anyone.

You can get your very easy and cute teddy pattern here. That is the actual size of the teddy, it prints out onto a A4 sheet of paper spot on.

I ask that the following be taken into count when making your teddies.

  • Bright colours
  • Embroidered or drawn on eyes, nose & mouth.
  • No items that can be removed by little fingers and put into mouths.
These teddies will be given to children of all ages.

Closing off date is 1st of September as this will give time for the teddies to be given to the people who will take them over on the 15th of September.

These can be posted straight to Amanda. Email me and I'll send you her postal address .

Can you help me out??? We're hoping to have 100 HUGGLES for these children and any extras will go to the Grace Centres.

I'm starting my HUGGLE teddies on the weekend.......

You're only limited by your imagination.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Charming Pack Anonymous Meeting

So how is your charm pack collection going? Is your collection breeding in your stash?

Mine is.

It all started with 2 charm packs that were put into sandwich bags to keep them clean. This didn't stop the multiplying, it seemed to increase the population.

Some were bought in a group order from overseas.

Gifts from swaps, birthdays and friends going overseas.

Some cos' I am a bloody good cook and I get paid in charm packs and not $$$.

Some for quilts and need to get their family members to move in as well.

Planning ahead for the grandson who has an animal nut for a nanna.

So there is a story behind every pack.........

How many charm packs do you own?????

My name is Lucky and I'm a Moda charm pack addict.

You're only limited by your imagination.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fabric By Mail

I was so excited today as mail came for me in the form of 6 yards of fabric from The Old Country Store.

Our next door neighbours are having their 2nd baby today and we have been told its going to be a boy.

8 pm and no sign of the proud dad yet. Hope all has gone okay today for them.

With their first baby I gave them some hand knitted baby jackets and this time round I thought a quilt would be a lovely gift.

Their little girl just adores my ducks and so that is the theme I am using for the quilt.

Its a Hoot by Moda. Love the colours and the best part is, I have seen the fabric range at a friend's place and so ordering the right fabric was easy as.

Essential Dots by Moda.....a great "filler" and so I ordered 3 colours to make the postage with while.

After a play with the fabrics I have picked the above colours to go with the duck fabric. I have had this duck fabric for about 18 months and now its going to be put to good use.

Yellow dots will be used for the binding and the green fabric next to it on the front and the green Essential Dots for the back of the quilt.

My mind is on overload with ideas on how to make the quilt. There are 6 little blocks of ducklings and so I'll leave them as a larger block and fill in with the other fabrics.

Must remember to make sure the label is made and put on too.

I am just so excited about the idea of making another quilt.

You're only limited by your imagination.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Meet Hettie

As I said in yesterday's post I was going to try and make a turtle pincushion. Last night I picked out some fabric and got my sewing bag ready for today. Decided to use some Moda fabric that I was sent by a lovely lady late last year.

Figured seeing I am such a Moda junkie could I not use Moda to make my little helper.

Taking my time cutting out fabric from the "Nature's Chorus" I was getting pretty excited about mine looking like Khris' little fella.

Coming together rather nicely and starting to take shape.

Next came stuffing the body.

Ow ow ow!!!!

Get that fiber stuffing into the body!! After awhile my finger started to hurt and as I had left my chop stick home, I ended up borrowing Khris'.

A little tip Khris told me. When stuffing softies is to spray the fabric with water and it'll have a better shape at the end of the stuffing session.

Hettie on the left and "him" on the right. I don't think "him" has a name. I called her Hettie as I love to visit a local quilting shop called "Hettie's Patch".

Already working her little shell off, with some pins in her shell.

I am very excited about making Hettie as after all the rewarding effort we put into the flood appeal, having a bit of fun was just such a buzz.

Shhhhh.... I have an elephant pincushion pattern as well. Hhmmm this could become an addictive problem.

You're only limited by your imagination.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

BOMs & Other Stuff

As usual the beginning of the month is always dedicated to the BOMs or any swaps I am involved in.

With the quilts and HUGGLES safely delivered to their destination, its time to return to what I have sitting around my sewing room.

Must say I have three empty coat hangers on my wall. You know what this

I can start some new projects, like a dilly bag I have so been wanting for ages. Also a quilters tote bag, loved that since I first saw them 2 years ago. A few people have said........"all that binding" but hey! After all those quilts I was binding, I should be a pro and will not bat an eyelid about that small amount of binding.

I have ordered some material from the USA for a baby quilt. My neighbour is due to have her baby on the 15th of this month. She's booked in as its a "C section" and its her second child. Once the fabric rocks up, I'll start a baby quilt with blocks with little baby ducks on it. Their little 3 year old loves my ducks and chooks out the back and thought this was a fitting quilt theme.

Start of the month is always exciting here as I love stitchery blocks and am doing a few.

Spotlight sent me a $10.00 voucher and I was kind enough to grace my presence at the local shop and I bought these 12 skeins and it cost me a whole 70 cents. Now I am gathering the whole idea of these vouchers is to get you in and you impulse buy.

Not this little quilter, I worked out at home how many skeins I could get for my $11 and that was it, no more and no less. Said to Pat I'll need to buy a new skein storage box next month as my two are just about full.

Swap almost finished being made. I have never seen a mug cosy before let alone made one. Terri my swap partner is like me and so we are both happy to have each other as swap partners. Just the matching coaster to go. Then its in the mail next week.

Dawn & Vicki's Out Of The Box BOM is finished for this month. Love the idea of choosing our little stitchery from a selection supplied each month.

On the Craft Forum is Dawn's mystery charm square BOM. Mine is from Moda called Bar Harbor .

This year we are treated with an extra block made from that months left over fabric made into a applique block. Not the best lighting but it gives you a look see at what I made.

Last is Chookie Blue's Stitch-A-Long.

Come Christmas time I'll have a lovely Christmas wall hanging for the lounge room. I decided to hop on the band wagon and join in with the stitch-a-long. Still 2 more to make for this month. These are great for night time as I love to curl up in front of the TV and do my hand sewing or stitchery works.

Oh and on the side bar I have the latest block of Life Is Beautiful finished as well.

Tomorrow is sewing at Khris's place and I am going at have a go at making a turtle pin cushion. That way if I run into problems, I'll have some willing helpers.

You can read an article about the quilts here and a blog about the HUGGLES here.

You're only limited by your imagination.

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