Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thoughts For 2011

I have been thinking over the last few days what do I want to achieve in the year 2011.

Besides surviving it and helping Pat to have a healthier year. Between 1 hospital visit for 5 days and 3 different flu attacks (yes he had his flu shot) he had last year. I think a good 2011 is due for him.

Amy & Ben are expecting their first child in June and we're all excited about this.

Some of my craft items I would like to make are as follows....
  1. A raggy quilt for Pat's birthday in July.
  2. Baby quilt for my neighbour's baby due in March
  3. Baby quilt for Ben & Amy's baby
  4. Baby items for the grandchild as well. (Wonder if it'll be a grandpuppy or grandkitty???)
  5. James said he'd like a quilt from me. (Thats his Christmas present sorted) Nearly fell out the car when I said about it and he said yes. Thank goodness for seat belts and doors.
  6. Plus the usual odd items through out the year. Swaps and my stitcheries.
  7. Think I'll throw in Pat's jumper as well, poor fella thinks its never going to be finished.
I've joined Dawn & Wendy's "Sew Its Finished" UFO challenge for 2011. Not that I have many UFO's but what the heck.... I could always makes some I guess. twisted

Sounds like 2011 is going to be a pretty full year for me. I'm excited about it all and I am hoping come December, I'll have them all crossed off.

Speaking or should that be typing?? wink Look at what came in the mail yesterday. Our Craft Forum had a December fat 1/4 swap and out of the waters of Queensland came my beautiful fat 1/4 and a bit extra from Cheryl.

Toile fabric is just so beautiful and I now have 3 in my stash. Something about the fabric says..... life back then wasn't so rushed and life was more tranquil.

Also what a FAB TAB surprise, a charm pack for little old me. I don't have this one and I love it. Those cute shoes will look good made into a bag.......thanks so much Cheryl for spoiling me.

This afternoon I am sorting out my sewing room, clean up the white board from last month and continue to tell the laying on mummy or Nanna's quilting bags or sewing table. Then I can make a start and see what happens.

So 2011..............bring it on I say mrgreen

You're only limited by your imagination.

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antmee said...

Your going to have a very busy year full of quilting and a whole lot of baby cuddling. I hope your hubby gets over his flues in time to hug the baby too without sharing that kind of gift.