Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Moda Birdie

I am sure as you read this, you can relate to what I am saying. mrgreen

There is nothing more exciting than looking at fabric on line. Oh okay, going to a fabric shop, touching and slobbering all over fabric, is fun too. Even more when you go with your best friend and throw a lunch in as well...lol

Seeing what is on special is what I love to do, when I have a few $$$$ to spend.

Once the order is placed and the email arrives to say its in the post, gets the blood pumping. You start counting down the days, waiting for it to arrive.

Then a knock at the door....yay its here.

These 9 fat 1/4's of Birdie by Moda arrived today, via the postman....yay. Oh I couldn't believe my luck when I saw the bundle being sold as cheap as what it was.

This weekend we'll find out if our first grandchild is a girl or a boy. If its a girl.........I'll have some fabric in my stash already. If its a boy..... hey I'll pull out my debit card again....lol

Just love the feel of the Moda fabric and the colours are just gawjus. I so love the little birds on the fabric...very cute.

You're only limited by your imagination.

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Dawn said...

yummo... happy sewing.. x x x

Donna said...

Boy or girl this will be one well attired baby because baby is getting a super stitching grammy. The fabrics are cute.

Renny's little things said...

I'm using Birdie to make Rhiannon an every day quilt. It's a beautiful range
Take care Granny!!!!
xx Geniene

Highland Monkey's said...

I've got the green eyed monster with those fabrics, they are gorgeous!

Robyn said...

What can I say except yummy fabrics and congratulations?!

bon008 said...

So cute!

But as a girl who hates pink, can I just mention that bubs isn't going to take one look at your fabric and go "EWW but that's for a GIRL!". I'm all for letting little boys and girls experience the whole range of fun colours and designs, and then as they get older, they can work out for themselves what styles they like :)

... but as a girl who hates pink, frills, ribbon etc, I'm a bit biased :D