Wednesday, January 12, 2011

HUGGLES For Queensland

I've just come from watching even more devastating reports and footage of the floods up in Queensland.

Already I have read about The Gumtree Designers starting their flood appeal for helping quilters start over. I've added their button under my HUGGLES button on the right.

Jenny is also auctioning two of her original handmade quilts.

I'm going to do my bit as well and make some softies for the children to HUGGLE. I'm asking anyone who would like to join to please do so.

I'm looking for hand made softies, be they sewed or knitted the choice is yours.

Even if its only 1 or two, they will be so welcomed here. Once it settles down in the flood ravaged state, I'll make arrangements for them to be shipped to an organization like The Salvo's or through my church, with Saint Vincent De Paul's.

I can not put into words how the footage of flooding and the losses people are feeling, has affected me, it's so surreal. So I am going to show it with action.

Please feel free to take the button of Percy and post on your blogs about the HUGGLES for Queensland. I'm happy to forward my postal address, when your HUGGLES are ready to be posted.

God bless, the people, emergency workers and our country. May they stay safe, you are in my thoughts, prayers and heart.

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antmee said...

I am going to start stitching some softies. Hopefully can get them to you before you send off.

bluegreen said...

Qld Toy Appeal might be the best way to send off the huggles.