Monday, January 10, 2011

Cushion Finished

Around October last year my sister Deb & I started our Breast of Friends quilt. Not having a lot of experience with stitchery at this stage, I wasn't happy with the results. As time went by I became more unhappy about the look of it.

So I started a new block and the first one hung on a coat hanger on the wall. Collecting dust and nagging me to do something with it.

Joining Wendy & Dawn's 2011 UFO Challenge has encouraged me to take it down off the wall and finish it.

Yesterday I made a back for the block and turned it into a cushion. For something different I decided to finish the sides with a binding look. I used fabric that matched the wing from the left dove.

Due to the blue water marker disappearing and my embroidery improving, I thought it was better to leave it as it is. I just know I would have unpicked all the old needle work, if I touched or added to it.

Very happy with the end result and the whole look of the cushion.

Back of the cushion has a zip, not centred as I didn't want it in the centre.

Okay so now I have another coat hanger free and another cushion for me to admire and use.

This cushion is for my chair in the lounge room, where I love to do my hand sewing and embroidery.

You're only limited by your imagination.

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Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

The pillow is fabulous!!!

Linda said...

Looks great Leanne. You do so much lovely work. Inspirational. I should follow your good example!

Donna said...

The stitchery is lovely. I adore the doves and your color choice was great.

Gloria said...

Leanne that cushion is just beautiful..the doves and border sides really stand out.