Monday, January 31, 2011

Aster Manor Cushion

Its stinking hot here and Pat & I are out in the back part of the house. Cats are not happy that they aren't allowed up through the house.

To keep myself amused I thought I'd start the Surrounded by Stars cushion. This has been a real challenge from all angles. All the fabric was cut up yesterday.

The challenges were interesting and frustrating a couple of times.

First off a couple of the templates had the wrong letters on them. The letters were mixed up, thank goodness for photos to compare. So it took me a while to work this out and remember this when cutting the fabric.

Also I needed to remember what fabric colours I had picked until I labeled the bags each fabric was kept in. That was a bit confusing as my brain keep remembering the colours in the photos.

I love Moda (not that you'd and Aster Manor is just so pretty. There is a cushion (not for sale and I can't get a pattern either) down at Hettie's Patch and its to die for. No joke..... it is just so beautiful and it's made with Aster Manor.

I wanted a cushion made with Aster Manor too. I love stars and so I thought I'd see how clever I am.

Pretty clever in my books wink as I am only just starting to get serious with piecing lots of fabric together and using more colours. Looking at this being the next stage in my journey.

Took the above photo and sent it to my sister and I spotted a mistake as the email was winging its way to Deb's computer.

Should I tell you? Or should I not?

Yeah I'll tell you as I'm not going to fix it.

Two of the blocks against the centre diamond are the wrong way round. eek Should be all gray with red flower fabric facing the centre diamond.

So I need to remember to check and recheck before piecing the next block and make sure its okay.

Next stage is making the back and putting the cushion together. But I'll leave that to another day.

I will be redrawing the give away tomorrow, due to Highland Monkey's not contacting me. If you enter a giveaway, it helps to come back and see if you win.

You're only limited by your imagination.

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Samelia's Mum said...

Beautiful cushion. I love that fabric range too :-)

Sharon-NZ said...

Regardless of the mistake you did good :o))))

Karen's Korner said...

Pretty cushion and I love your fabric choice. Well done

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

I like your colour combinations Lucky, I didn't notice your error until you mentioned it and even then I had to look again.

Jilly said...

Beautiful!! I just love it!!

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Hi Lucky, the block looks great, regardless, and if you hadn't said, nobody would have known. Yeah, i\I know YOU would have-LOL. I love Moda fabrics as well, especially French General who have some droolworthy stuff.! :)

Chris H said...

Yep, that block looks difficult...well done on working it out.

Robyn said...

I've done the fabric pattern mix up with clothing. Isn't it annoying and I felt like such a silly bugger! Blame it on heat stress :P.

Michell said...

Lovely cushion and I am also a sucker for Moda too