Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I love reading people's blogs and I am often amazed at how clever you all are.

Photos showing off your brilliant creations, be they new or a reproduction of a pattern that has caught your eye.

Also I love to show you what I have been working on or have completed. Today's post is no different.

Just that what I want to show you today....... has not been as perfect as a photo wants you to think it is.

Let me show you. confused

This baby tote bag I make is for my great niece Rachel. She is such a sweetie and so I wanted to make something special for Rachel and parents.

I loved the fabric when I saw it at Spotlight and with the yellow spotty fabric I thought it would look sweet. This side of the bag shows the panels of little children in a bathroom scene.


On this side the panels are upside down. I didn't pick this was going to happen until I had sew the sides up and turned it right side out. The bag is an all in one piece.

Crap!!! Do I unpick the whole thing and redo it to correct the side that is wrong?? I hummed and harred for a while and thought no. I didn't want to loose any of the size by cutting into the pattern. So Rachel & her parents are the proud owners of a baby tote bag...."a one of a kind" that will still carry lots of those baby items they need and its still sent with all of Auntie Leanne & Uncle Pat's love.

Now the other example of what I want to show you.

I was given some gawjus cat fabric in a 12 Days of Christmas swap we did, with the Tuesday's sewing group girls.

Figured I'd turn half the fabric into another zipper bag for my sewing. Never can have too many of these in my books.

How cute are these funky cats??? Love them and the brightness of the whole fabric. I have only made 2 other zipper bags and thought...yeah I'll be right!!!

All was going good until I turned the bag right way out.

Yep my second oops.

I didn't sew the sides right to hide the raw edges. So when I showed the lovely lady who taught me how to make the other 2. I asked in the new year can we have a fresh lesson

Bag still holds anything I put inside, cats still look bright and funky...... and I made the bag on my own.

Now getting back to the blogs I love to read. I read and look at the photos that are on show and I think wow that is lovely or wow fantastic! Then I might ask myself, can I be that good with my sewing/quilting. Or I think, I'm gonna be that good one day.

So guess I am saying to my readers, be they have years of experience or to the novice like we all were or still are................................

Its okay to make a mistake and its okay to show this mistake, as it lets someone know, they are not alone.

This month I celebrate 2 years of sewing/quilting. I have learnt a lot from some wonderful women. But the best lesson I have learnt is...........

Unless I try, I shall never know,
Unless I do, I shall never grow,
Unless I grow, I shall never succeed.

You're only limited by your imagination.

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bon008 said...

That's a brilliant quote you ended with, Lucky - I think one day I'd like to frame that up nicely to display in the garden, or somewhere crafty indoors.

Maria said...

No I would not unpick it. It is such an easy mistake to make. I nearly did the some recently. Had to remember to cut one prints in half for a tote.

enjoy your Christmas.

Liz said...

Leanne_-You have done wonderful work. You have learnt a great deal in a short time.

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Lucky, the baby bag is just lovely! You have left us for dead as far as getting things done, you should be soooo proud of yourself. Then you are also a "lucky" Lucky to have those lovely other sewing ladies to meet up with each week!!! I'm Jealous! :-)

antmee said...

I have made plenty of mistakes in my sewing and have learnt to leave most of them as I feel that its okay not to be perfect all the time! lol And I hate unpicking!!

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Chris H said...

Hee hee, we all have 'oops' moments ... the tote still looks delightful.
I have seen that funky cat fabric somewhere.. it is neat.

MERRY CHRISTMAS CHICK... have a wonderful silly season.

Home of Creative Treasures said...

Good on ya Leanne.... it does take mistakes to learn and I know I have made them in all areas of my life and do hope I am a better person for it! :D

angela said...

I read on the internet that the amish always put something wrong in their quilts because only god is perfect. So all my oops bits are called my amish bit. Everything I make has an amish bit, only some are easier to hide than others! Loved the bags bythe way.

Jude said...

The baby bagb is fine and I am sure it will be used and loved. Happy New Year to you both as I wont be at sewing on Tuesday as I have a dr appointment