Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Good Friend And A Bargain

Today Pat & I travelled into the city so I could meet Donna a fellow quilter from Our Craft Forum. I had spoken to Donna on the phone earlier this year and was just so thrilled to think we were finally going to meet.

A few minutes after 11 am we were left to have a cuppa while Donna's Adelaide relatives and Pat went window shopping.

Well it was like meeting up with am old friend, I think our cuppa went over time by an But we didn't feel guilty when we all met up later after lunch. mrgreen

Donna is an amazing woman who has just floored me with her outlook on life. If more people were like her, our world would be a better place.

We had a mini show & tell and mine was the Round Robin Medallion I was involved in this year. Reason I took my RR was Donna did the first boarder and I wanted to show Donna the end result in person, rather than the photos I had posted. Donna showed me some beautiful candlewick embroidery, she has done on some cushions.

Like all visits it was so short and with hugs and promises to see each other another day when she's in Adelaide, Pat & I headed off to Spotlight.

Amy & Ben had given me a gift voucher card for Spotlight and I wanted some DMC skeins. While I was browsing I spotted a super reduced item and was so glad I had the voucher in my bag.

Sorry the photo is a bit blurry, my camera batteries are flat and I used Pat's camera that does everything but clean the loo and make our bed.

For some reason that even had a lady who works in Spotty, needed to check to see if the price was correct. A $69.99 quilters calculator was reduced to $8.00 and I spotted it. How could I leave this bargain behind?? I am guessing as there was some other ones on the shelve, this one may have been a older model.

All the information is still in the sealed packaging. Little DVD is there and the book to learn how to use it. Even if it gets used more as a normal calculator, it was cheaper than buying one elsewhere.

I have often wondered about using one of these, about 18 months worth of wondering. All things come to you.......if you wait.....LOL. Best part is, I still have some $$$$ left on the voucher gift card, for another day.

I have been busy in my sewing room. One of the items I am working on is a secret swap. At our Christmas luncheon, we all had to take a fat 1/4 in an envelope with 3 items we'd like it made into. We then had to draw someone else's envelope out of the basket.

Very excited about who I picked and what I am making. So much I am thinking I'd like one myself. So I can't show you that item. I will recharge my camera batteries and then I can take a photo of my lap quilt. I have pieced together the 6 rows of 6 blocks and its looking FAB.

You're only limited by your imagination.

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Crafty Chookie said...

You sound like you had a fab time..It's always good to catch up and do a show n' tell...
You certainly did get a bargin with the calculator..Well done..

John'aLee said...

I met the lady who came up with the calculator this last year. I think the book will help you a lot. One of my employees had one and loved it!
Have a happy new Year!!