Monday, November 15, 2010

Show & Tell

I have been promising some lovely ladies, to show you all some
beautiful goodies they have sent me in the mail.

So without anymore delay lets do show and tell. mrgreen

This hexi was made for me by Joma.
I love the garden setting and it will look lovely
in between my other hexi's.

This hexi I made for Gail.

Some pansy material, with a green background.
This fabric was sent to me by Sandy.
I think its so pretty and I can't wait to show
my sister Deb as she is making a pansy quilt.

Gail also sent me these lovely little gifts and I will be using the scissor
and needle holder with my new "Life Is Beautiful" quilt I am about to start.
That way I won't be leaving home with only half of what I'll be needing.

Gail also made the card and the book marker.

Thanks girls for all your gifts, I love them and will treasure them.

You're only limited by your imagination.

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Shirlwin said...

Those hexi's are gorgeous! And the pansy fabric ... pansies are one of my most favourite flowers with their pretty little faces. You are indeed a lucky girl!

Maria said...

Love the hexie with the garden setting.How sweet.Also you got some lovely gifts as well.

antmee said...

Lovely gifts. I really love those hexies!