Monday, November 22, 2010

Moda In The Mail

Today is a wonderful day for this little Moda junkie. My order from Green Fairy Quilt arrived and I am just in fabric heaven.

I took advantage of the spend $10 and get a charm pack for free. Lets take a look at these little packs of yummies.

I fell in love with the Fandango the first time I saw it at Khris' place. Finally I have my own charm pack now.

French General is just a stunning theme of fabric and so how could I not order Lumiere de Noel. I can see a quilt made with this in a stars theme.

Aahh Park Avenue, what can I say about you???? I have not seen a 3 Sisters fabric I haven't loved yet.

Sadly the Breakfast at Tiffany's isn't mine......its a Christmas present for someone very close to me. Deb knows it is coming her way and I just know she'll love it.

Poor Debbie, she has just cut into a charm pack we gave for her birthday, back in May. I also did a trade for her with something she didn't want, for a charm pack of Spirit with another quilter.

So now Deb needs a second charm pack to get the breeding program started. Not sure what she is doing wrong at her place, as they are not multiplying at all.

Mine are breeding ever so fabulously, I mean I had triplets delivered today. I think maybe my snap lock bags I keep them in are highly fertile.

So how many charm packs are enough or too many???? Sshhh between you and me I have 14 sealed unopened charm packs. Plus some other lovelies in a jelly roll, honey buns and turn overs. Now I haven't bought all of these, some are birthday presents, swaps (thanks you for sending me 2 in the Friends swap) and winning a blog give away.

I don't have a layer cake yet....that is sad isn't it??? I want to order the Rural Jardin in a layer cake next year. I'm hanging out for the Green Fairy Quilt special in the new year, where spend $100 and get free shipping. As I so want one of the Fandango in a layer cake as well. I can see a quilt in the making. That special will take some serious studying to get my breeding program to be just right.

Okay I'm rambling aren't I? LOL

I'm addicted to Moda...yep its a lovely addiction and I can not think of anything better to be addicted too.

Next to be delivered (oh maybe this week??) is 10 half yards of Rural Jardin for my Life Is Beautiful Quilt.

Gotta love my postman at the moment. mrgreen

You're only limited by your imagination.

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Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

I suspect that I will be joining you in placing an order, especially if the dollar stays so high.

Anita said...

Yes charm packs do breed - well mine do LOL
I have a drawer full of them - but I have been cutting into a few of them this year.
Love the choices you made - all lovely!